A one-day trip idea: Città di Castello

Città di Castello is one of those villages in Umbria that is perfect as a one-day trip destination; the stone buildings and cobble streets make it fascinating to stroll around, the typical piazza (square) is ideal to chill and relax while enjoying the vital atmosphere of the town. Outstanding pieces of art and museums are easily accessible to the visitors, and the surrounding nature offers beautiful locations as well. The town has to thank the nearby river Tiber for its existence. The river’s proximity was key to the growth of this town, and has been a vital element for the city.

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The medieval flair and style of Città di Castello is clear for everybody who is visiting or passing by and the double walls are the perfect examples. Moreover, the 11th Century central cathedral and the nearby cylindrical bell tower, of Romans origins, just underline this aspect even more. Both locations can be visited and offer something special: the cathedral has a museum with a collection of statues and religious objects, and it is possible to go up the stairs of the tower and enjoy a great 360 degree view on the town and its landscapes.  

The bell tower is not the only example of civic architecture worth checking out though; Albizzini Palace is a a wonderful Renaissance building that now hosts the richest and widest collection of Aberto Burri pieces, one of the most relevant Italian artists of the last century in the fields of abstract painting and graphics. Inside the Palazzo Vitelli alla Cannoniera, you’ll find the Pinacoteca Comunale, an impressive museum filled with Renaissance works by some of the greatest names of the time, such as Raphael, Signorelli, and Ghirlandaio. The external façade and decorations, made by another prominent artist (Giorgio Vasari), are something to notice as well.

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Another relaxing idea when visiting Città di Castello might be to head just outside the city towards the Fontecchio baths. Situated within a large park with plants, these baths are one of the best-known facilities in Italy and Umbria and they’re about 3 km from the old town of Città di Castello. Perfect not only for those looking for a bit of healthy relaxation, offering massages, solarium and whirlpools, they’re also recommended for those who need specific rehabilitation treatments. All in all, Città di Castello offers plenty of options and choices to its visitors, and don’t forget that, being in Umbria, good food, wines, and green surrounding nature won’t be hard to find.

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