Hot thermal springs in South Tuscany

It’s the 7th of October and, as I am writing this piece, the weather is starting to get chillier. I am sure this will not stop many of you from travelling and experiencing new things but it will probably make you rule out some activities that are usually not fit for the cold season; going for a swim in an open-air place, for example. Luckily for you hot thermal springs exist and they are one the most comforting places where to hide yourself from the low temperatures. South Tuscany offers plenty locations where you can go and submerge yourself in hot, healthy, and beneficial waters. Here are two of the most suggestive examples.


Saturnia is probably the most well-known spot for hot springs in Italy. Situated in the Maremma area, deep in the south of Tuscany. The landscapes of this land are special; olive trees groves, trees-filled hills and vineyards all around as you deep yourself in hot water. Nothing to add.

San Filippo

More north, 40 km from Siena, is San Filippo. This town is in the valley of Orcia, a stunning location worth of its own trip. Here hot water springs naturally at a temperature that reaches 52 Celsius degrees. The water is reach in sulphur, calcium, magnesium and sulphur bicarbonate, believed to be good for skin conditions, respiratory disorders and joint and bone problems. San Filippo's mineral water flows through the pools and along the river for miles.

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