A majestic Lopota Lake Resort in Kakheti

Anano Chikhradze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Kakheti is one of the most beautiful regions in Georgia. It is the most popular winemaking place in Georgia, where you can taste different kinds of Georgian wines. Apart from the unique wines, you can visit a majestic Lopota Lake Resort to feel the beauty of Kakheti at its finest. Lopota Lake Resort is located around 26 km from the Telavi city. With this story, I want to show you how great this place is for spending several memorable days.

History of Lopota Gorge 

Lopota Gorge is a historical place in Kakheti that is surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains. In the 19th century, it was a homeland of Alexander Chavchavadze, who had many rose plantations. Later, Lopota Gorge became the property of Romanovs. In the first half of the 19th century, the first Rose Factory was opened here. The perfumery oil of Lopota has received the highest reviews on the exhibition of perfumes in Paris.  Nowadays, it is planned to plant new plantations of roses that will be a great chance to continue and keep the old traditions. 

Picture © Credits to facebook/LopotaLake

Lopota Lake Resort 

Lopota Lake Resort & Spa is an ideal spot for those who want to rest in a peaceful place. In addition, you can have adventurous days at the same time. The hotel is located near the lake, which is perfectly hidden in nature. There are eight different buildings in the hotel around Lopota Lake. Therefore, Lopota Lake Resort can receive more than 200 visitors. It is a great location for spending holidays with family or friends. Also, the resort offers high-quality services for weddings and different corporate, entertainment or sports events. 


I am sure the relaxing environment of Lopota will give you even more energy after visiting it. Lopota Lake Resort offers different fun activities such as biking, horse riding, boat trips, fishing, swimming, etc. You can also play golf and tennis, as there are special fields for them. In the evening, the best thing you can do is to have a nice Georgian dinner in the hotel. Do not forget to taste Georgian wines and “chacha”, which is our national vodka. Visitors can also take part in the making process of Georgian sweet “churchkhela” as well as our bread. If you have several days, you can see other places in Kakheti, such as wineries and different cities depending on your taste.

Picture © Credits to facebook/LopotaLake

A majestic Lopota Lake Resort is beautiful in all seasons, and you will really love their services and environment. It is the best hotel in Kakheti, so it will make your trip unforgettable. I am sure you will not regret this beautiful heaven. Don’t forget to book the room in advance because this place is quite popular among Georgians and tourists as well.

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