A journey around Brussels in praise of Belgian beer

It may be rather obvious to some, but beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world. In Belgium, there are over 3,000 kinds of beer, so we can surmise that Belgians drink more beer than water. No wonder brewing here has become a tradition, class quality, originality, and last but not least – enjoyment. The privilege to satisfy even the most demanding customer is the main goal of Belgian beer producers. That is why I am sure each one of you will discover no less than thirty types of beer to fall in love with. Do not hesitate to join me on this journey around Brussels in praise of the world-famous Belgian beer culture.  

The secret is in the tradition

Beer is more nutritious than the other alcoholic drinks, it reduces stress, improves memory and could protect your heart. These and many other benefits of beer have been a major factor for Belgians to start making the beverage long before Belgium became an independent country. Or it was maybe because in those times water was often contaminated, so it was safer to drink beer instead.


Among the most popular local types of the amber brewed beverage are the Abbey and the Trappist beers. In both cases, their production follows particular conditions, but I assure you, the result is nothing but excellent.

Beer is art

The Belgian Brewers Museum is a lovely place to visit while beer hunting in Brussels. If you consider yourself a true beer lover in heart and soul, a visit to the Belgian Brewers Museum should be a must-do. And if you are still not convinced, keep in mind that the tour ends with a free craft beer.  


Another must-visit place is the Schaerbeek Beer Museum, founded in 1993 by 11 volunteers and beer enthusiasts. The building is small but very beautiful, surrounded by a lovely garden. The museum offers a rich collection of over 2,000 beer bottles, many of them accompanied by their respective branded glasses.


On your must-visit list could also be the Brewery Cantillon, a small Belgian traditional brewery. It is a family business based in Anderlecht, Brussels, dating back to 1900. This is the place that brews the famous Gueuze, Faro, Kriek and Lambic, and, believe it or not, their artisanal process has not changed in over 100 years!


To drink or not to drink beer?


That is the question, and the answer is - “To drink!”. But where?  Brussels offers thousands of places to taste the frothy booze. Along with the many, many classic beer brands, you will also come across fruit, chocolate and pumpkin flavoured, gluten-free, spicy or even gold-containing beers. If you are new to Belgian beer culture, here are the spots where you can enjoy the best beers in Brussels:


Perhaps the most popular place in Brussels is the emblematic Delirium bar. In its cellar, you will find not only all existing Belgian beers but also hundreds of brands from all over the globe.


Located in the heart of the city, just opposite the statue of Jeanneke-Pis, Delirium is part of the mandatory agenda of every self-respecting tourist. While a younger crowd mostly frequents it, you can meet all types of people, while enjoying your beer of choice.

Bier Circus


Creative interior, delicious food and a huge assortment of beers that includes even the rarest ones will impress you at Bier Circus. It will make you wish to come back again and again until you try everything on the menu, at least twice. The Bier Circus follows the tradition to serve every beer in its branded accompanying glass or goblet.

Café-Brasserie À la Mort Subite


Talking about a local beer served in authentic glassware, À la Mort Subite is another place that honors that tradition. It has an original old-world atmosphere and interior unchanged since 1928. The waiters will be more than pleased to share with you its interesting story and recommend a beer from the delicious selection, accompanied by an appropriate snack.

Poechenellekelder bar


Poechenellekelder bar, also known as the bar with the puppets, is a favorite spot for locals and tourists with its extensive beer list, incredible antique atmosphere and amazing food. The legend tells that the owner used to be a puppet performer, who had a passion for beer and turned Poechenellekelder bar into a must-visit in Brussels. It is also close to the most famous Brussels tourist attraction - Manneken Pis.

Grand Place and Place Saint-Catherine


Both squares are situated in the Brussels historical center district. Each one of them is a perfect place to learn about Belgian history and traditions, take a picture and enjoy a beer. Тhe variety of pubs, bars and restaurants will certainly tempt you. There is literally something for every taste, and the good news is, if you are on a budget, or cannot find a place in the restaurants, you can just grab a couple of beers from the shops around, and drink them while sitting in the middle of the squares.

Beer shops


Nobody should go back home empty-handed. Your friends and family also deserve to have a taste of Belgian beer. Do not disappoint them, but stop by one of the numerous beer shops in the city center, like the quaint Beer Planet or the fabulous De Bier Tempel. Use the opportunity to stock up on at least several kinds of beers from local breweries, but also souvenirs and drinkware.


In a city with hundreds of great places to sit and enjoy a bottle of good beer, it is difficult not to have a great time. A journey around Brussels in praise of Belgian beer is guaranteed to turn into an unforgettable experience for any passionate beer lover.      

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