A day in paradise of Cala del Moro, Mallorca

Helena Guerrero Gonzalez | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Before visiting Mallorca, I asked a friend for recommendations about the best beaches on the island. He told me about this fantastic bay I am about to introduce. I did some research, and everyone on almost every page seems to agree that Cala del Moro (or Caló des Moro) is one of the best bays- if not the best-, in Mallorca. And they were right since once you get there, you will surely think you are in paradise. It is not easy getting to Cala del Moro and, it is not the most accessible beach in Mallorca. In fact, Google Maps won’t give you the right indications for the last bit of the journey. So, do not worry because with this story I’ll surely help you - especially with this last bit. 

La Cala del Moro is a cove of sand and rocks, located on the southeast of the island. It is about six kilometers from the town of Santanyi, that nestles between high cliffs and pine trees. It is not easily accessible (there is a "staircase" of stones), but it is really worth visiting it. It is 15m wide and 50m long. During the peak summer months, finding a spot for your towel is almost an impossible mission, unless you get there early in the morning. You have plenty of rocks on which you can sit and relax while you enjoy the idyllic views. What I liked the most about Cala del Moro was its translucent turquoise blue water, and the surroundings- since it is hidden within steep seaside cliffs. This is also a beach full of local people. It used to be one of Mallorca’s best kept secret beaches, though the word has spread and many people know about this gem now. 

© Helena Guerrero

Although the water is calm, this is not a child-friendly beach since there is often limited space to play on the sand and most importantly, because of the steep descent to arrive. I highly recommend you to take trainers for the walk, although I have seen people doing it on flip flops. You need to know that there are no facilities, no restaurants, no lounge chairs and umbrellas, and no water sports for hire- which means you need to get your food and drinks with you for the day.  Cala del Moro is the perfect place for swimming, snorkeling or diving. On one side, there is a cavern, where the water cools down significantly. You can see some adventurous swimmers climb up the side of the rock for an exhilarating jump. Snorkeling in Cala del Moro is absolutely incredible, as the water is crystal clear with plenty of different colorful fish.

© Helena Guerrero

There is a car park nearby and signposts to the Cala. Don't worry about the 'private property' sign as the Cala is privately owned, but it is open to the public. Concerning how to get there, don’t be surprised if you see no indications to get to Cala del Moro because there aren’t.  Upon arriving in Santanyí, you must go around the town, always following the indications to "Es Llombards or Cala Llombards." Once you leave the Santanyí ring road, you can continue along the Ma-6100 county road, until finding a roundabout, where you must follow the indications to Cala Llombards. Remember, towards Cala Llombards and not towards Es Llombards!

© Helena Guerrero

Once you reach the small town of Cala Llombards, leave the car parked since the streets that reach the nearest asphalted point are restricted to residents, and Google Maps won’t tell you this! You can park without a problem next to Carrer de Castellet, where you will see plenty of cars and signs to start following to get to Cala de Moro. If you are thinking about making a trip by camper van, the roads to get to Cala de Moro are totally fine for big vehicles. 

This breath-taking gem is a must-see in Mallorca, and it is only 45 minutes away from Palma de Mallorca. Get ready for a day in paradise in Cala del Moro!

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