A combo of afternoon delights in Bucharest

Eva Poteaca | Live the World

November 23, 2022

When in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, there is not much you can't find. If you want to get a taste of the country's culture and traditions, there are a lot of museums to visit. If you want to eat traditional food that will make your mouth water, go to one of many restaurants all over the city. If you wish to see a panoramic view of Bucharest, no problem - there are restaurants and hotels that suit your request. And if you need a night of dancing and partying in „Romanian style”, the city center offers an entire range of clubs with diverse music and friendly Romanians who are always up for a dance-off. But what if you want to combine all of the above? I recommend you this amazing combo of afternoon delights in northern Bucharest.

Herastrau Park

The northern part of the city has as much to offer as the central part. Just a short ride from the Henri Coanda Airport lies Herastrau Park. Created around Herastrau Lake, which is almost four kilometres long, this park offers a wide range of activities all year round. Many concerts take place here in the summer, while the trees are decorated throughout the park in the winter time. The tourists can rent the boats and paddle across the lake, when the weather is warm, or just hop on a small ship and enjoy the scenery.

Picture © Credit to: radub85

A stroll through the village inside the city

The Village Museum (Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum) is right next to Herastrau Park. It offers an insight into the way the Romanians used to live in traditional houses. There are diverse houses from all over the country. Some are half underground, others have large porches all around them. It is remarkable to see different styles mashing up together in one place. The museum also has a windmill and a church. Most of the houses can be entered and are decorated according to the patterns and style of the area they came from. The buildings aren't replicas, but the actual houses disassembled in different parts of Romania and then carefully put back together. The time can fly by easily in this place, where the traditions are highly valued, and the past comes back to life.

Picture © Credit to: Moussa81

The panoramic view

Just across the lake is a perfect opportunity to see Bucharest from the top. Situated on the 18th floor, 18 Lounge is a bar and club with a breathtaking view of the lake and the surrounding area. From here, you can spot the Arc of Triumph along with the rest of northern Bucharest. Get a glass of champagne and relax while watching the sun setting over the city.

Brewery H

Brewery H is the biggest brewery in south-eastern Europe. With a capacity of 3000 people, the interior of this brewery is sure to catch your interest. It mimics a small German village, or more specifically village pubs next to each another. Sitting in the middle of the brewery gives the impression that you're on a terrace in the middle of a village. Even though the interior ambiance seems German, the food is mostly European. There are many delicious Romanian dishes on the menu, alongside the beer that is ever flowing. After 10 pm, the brewery often turns into a concert hall. Famous Romanian bands take the stage and offer memorable shows, performing many songs also in English.

So, why going to the center of Bucharest, when there is a lot of fun in the north as well? This combo of afternoon delights in northern Bucharest is awaiting you at any point. Start your day knowing where your afternoon will lead. Mix and match the type of fun you wish to have and enjoy Bucharest!

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