A cinephile's guide to Azerbaijan: top 3 cinema clubs

Aydan Isayeva | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Sometimes, being a cinephile and being outside your country can bring some inconveniences. Your favourite movie is already on screens, and you are in another country with a different language. If you are in Azerbaijan, you are a lucky person. Here, I will present you the top 3 cinema clubs in Azerbaijan, where you can enjoy your favourite movie in your local language.

Hollywood cinema club

The brand cinema-club "Hollywood" is providing its visitors with a high-class service, privacy, innovative technical equipment, diverse selection of films in many languages, as well as cosy atmosphere and delicious cuisine, and it makes every visitor's holiday unforgettable. The "Hollywood" cinema club is the first and the biggest VIP mini cinema in Azerbaijan. The rooms are incredibly beautiful with a comfortable furniture. Films are provided in Azerbaijan, Turkish, Russian and English. While watching the movie, you can order the dishes of European, Asian and national cuisine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and shisha.


The "Hollywood" is an ideal place for leisure not only for the cinephiles but also for the fans of luxury cars. Each of the 13 auto-rooms will completely immerse you in the atmosphere of the luxury cars and driving - for this you need only the "click on the gas" on the button of the console.

5 doors

The ''5 doors'' is the first anti-theatre in Azerbaijan. Why anti-theatre? Because you will pay only for the time you spent here. A beautiful decoration and a warm atmosphere will be a great opportunity for you to enjoy your holiday in Baku. This place is ideal for the celebrations in the company of family members and friends. In the anti-theatre "5 doors", you pay for the time spent in the individual rooms, where you can: to watch a movie, sing the karaoke, play board games and Playstation or dance on the dance floor. The prices here are really affordable: for each person 2 AZN (1 euro) per hour (for small rooms). You can bring your food and drinks with you, or you can order it from the theatre. The difference with the "5 doors" is that you can lie down and watch your favourite movie like at home.


FRIENDS Game & Cinema Center

The "FRIENDS Game & Cinema Center" is a good choice to spend the time with your close and faithful friends. You will feel the cosy, comfortable, tasty and fun atmosphere here. The "FRIENDS" is divided into 2 zones: the Game Zone is a convenient area where you can play the computer games, immersed in the game battles and vicissitudes of virtual worlds, regardless of age. The chip of the institution is also the fact that it has an online connection, which makes it possible to play with friends who live in different parts of the globe. The second zone is the Cinema Zone, a guide to the world of cinema. These are eight offices (Purple, Golden, Orange, Azure, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red), each of which is fundamentally different in design, but they are united in their love for the film masterpieces from different eras. "FRIENDS" works around the clock, which allows you to relax in a fun company of friends at any time of the day or night.


Azerbaijan is famous among cinephiles for its cinema clubs, where you will enjoy the most anticipated movies of the year.

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