70 years of Jugoslovensko Dramsko Pozoriste

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Precious Yugoslav Theatre

It is no secret I adore theatre. At this very moment, you are reading an article from a person who is extremely subjective towards art, especially the art of acting. To me, theatre is a magical place of escape, where for several hours you can lose yourself in the stories of others, observe, absorb and interpret. Sometimes, after a certain theatre performance, I catch myself dwelling on it for a while, thinking about the story, interpretation of the director and amazing talent of the actors. If you resonate with what I am talking about now, and if you see yourself as a person who lives and breathes theatre, or someone who would love to begin so, then you are reading the right text. Today I will present you one of the largest art institutions of Belgrade, that this year celebrates 70 years of it first theatre performance. Relax and join me in the Jugoslovensko Dramsko Pozoriste (Yugoslav Drama Theatre) – JDP in Belgrade.

Jugoslovensko Dramsko Pozoriste (JDP) in Belgrade, founded 70 years ago,located across Cvetni Trg(Flower Square), has always been the most important and the most representative art institution in the former Yugoslavia. As it is the largest drama theatre in the region, its working principles have remained untouched from the moment of its founding, which makes it genuinely authentic and special. A member of the prestigious Union of Theater Europe (Union des Théâtres de l'Europe) since 2006, JDP has received multiple awards at all leading festivals in the region and Serbia. Jugoslovensko Dramsko Pozoriste is remarkable for the best domestic and foreign authors, directors and actors as well as the most prominent classical and contemporary works and performances. One of the things that I love the most about JDP is that they put an accent on innovative, sometimes eccentric modern interpretation of some of the classical works of Shakespeare and many other. Definitely the most prominent one in the last year is famous Hamlet, played by the, now deceased, famous Serbian actor, Nebojsa Glogovac, who shortly after received a nickname of “Serbian Hamlet”.

Naturally, this article cannot even begin to provide a sufficient honor, respect and gratitude for all the hard work Nebojsa Glogovac did in the theatre and film world in the past decades. As JDP celebrates its 70 years of existence and the first performance, they surely know that the scene and talented actors and directors will certainly miss Glogovac. Few days ago, JDP posthumously awarded Nebojsa Glogovac for life achievements with the Dobricin Prsten(Dobrica’s Ring) award. It is the biggest award in Serbia, given to some of the best theatre actors for their lifetime work and the whole acting performance. The award is named after the ring that Dobrica Milutinovic received in 1937 from the Association of Actors of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia as an acknowledgment for an outstanding contribution to the theater.

Therefore, if you would love to choose among the rich repertoire of theatre performances from Biljana Srbljanovic, Milena Markovic to the prominent, modern works, then JDP is the right place for you.

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