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Hello my name is Gonzalo. I'm from Lima, Peru. Friends use to call me Gonza or Gon. I'm a traveller and an underground musician. I love to busk, play music in the streets. Performing in crowded places gives me an unique feeling, hard to explain. I'm really into Art, especially music, literature and street art. I went to the University too. I have a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management and I worked as a receptionist for some years. I stopped two years ago and decided give my life another direction. Nowadays I'm a French teacher. teaching people, sharing knowledges and experiences motivates me a lot. And one day I would love to be the owner of my own bar. I dream about that. I believe that we live only once so I don't want to waste my time in meaningless things when there is always something going on outside. There are a lot of stories to be lived, a lot of people to share good times with. I like to learn from cultures from all around the world. The road and the people have always been very kind to me, every time I pick up my back pack and start a new adventure. I believe in magic and simple things, I really do. If we talk about my country, Peru, a foreign would probably mention "Machu picchu" or "lamas" or maybe "ceviche". Me, I'd rather say "old empire", "beaches, mountains and jungle", "pollo a la brasa", "pisco" or "crazy Lima city". Peru is a complex country but it's full of warm hearted people. Maybe at your first contact you could have the impression of chaos but with the days you are going to realize that here, we do know how to enjoy life. And how easy is to have new friends. And of course as the whole world knows, here there's a lot of things to see in terms of history, gastronomy, culture and nature. Good travels & good vibes.

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