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I am André Jesus, from Portugal. I grew up in the south, in a small city called Faro, the capital of the region of Algarve. I grew up loving to stroll and imagining fantasy worlds based on what I saw. I’ve since grown but didn’t lose my geek side, and that’s why I moved to the big city of Lisbon and studied Animation in the Fine Arts University. I've been focusing on my artwork since graduation, doing freelance animations and drawing/writing in my free time, but, amongst all of this very “indoors” work, I always feel that old urge to go out and explore! I’m fascinated by nature and animals, yet also I still aim to discover/share more about the city of Lisbon, (re)visit my hometown in the warm sandy beaches of the south and experience whatever my great Portuguese habitat has to offer. And I'm here to share those experiences!

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