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Hi, I am Maria, or Masha, as Russian speaking people call me. Born and raised in Belarus, I came to Moscow for studies 15 years ago. The city got me with its energy, rhythm, and never-ending joy, so I decided to stay and pursue my career in marketing here. Since then, I thoroughly explored Moscow walking around its neighbourhoods, learning a lot about its history, enjoying its parks, museums and eateries. A bit later, I discovered St. Petersburg, where many of my friends live, and exploring the city became my personal tradition. Many think Moscow and St. Petersburg are rivals, but they are actually very different. Moscow has its historical charm, while St. Petersburg captivates with its unforgettable atmosphere. Let me be your guide for the things you shouldn’t miss in both cities. Travelling is my passion. I love learning about famous buildings, walking in parks, and discovering modern art. At itinari, I will share my personal insights about some must-sees but also my favourite off-the-beaten-track places in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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