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Hi, I am Nicolas Grafia and I love traveling and discovering places, people, food, and new cultures. I was born and raised in Argentina and have a good knowledge of my country since I have traveled it due to different work duties for a long time. I love Argentina, its places and people, however, when I was 29 years old, I made the decision of moving abroad, looking for new experiences and challenges. Since then, I have been to a bunch of countries, meeting a lot of amazing people and learning as much as I could from each place I visited. So far I have been to more than 45 countries and hopefully, the list will be much larger in the future. Although I am an Agronomist engineer, I am passionate about communication and I have worked in international business within different industries so I have had the chance of meeting a lot of really interesting people that have encouraged me to push boundaries and to explore as much as I can. When writing stories, I strive to take the reader to an amazing virtual trip to the most beautiful regions in my country. My personal goal is to deliver some of the local vibes while inspiring readers to move away from excuses and getting to the places I feature. I am fully aware that we live only once and trips and stamps in our passports are for sure the main assets any person can have. Hopefully, my stories will inspire people all over the world to visit my country and discover it.

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