Zagreb 80’s Museum

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

One more museum in Radićeva street, one of the oldest streets in Zagreb. After number 14 and Museum of Torture climb up a bit to the house number 34 (same side of the street) and jump into age of disco music, cassettes and Walkman, LPs, best cartoons, video games, strange hairstyles and colors all around. Welcome (back) to the 80’s. Zagreb 80’s Museum presented all the best from the 80’s in Zagreb, Yugoslavia and Europe.


And it’s like that. Experience in Zagreb 80’s Museum is like visiting friend’s house back in the 80’s. As Zagreb was a city in former Yugoslavia, for many people from former Yugoslavian countries this museum is the one that drills nostalgic emotions. In this museum they highly motivate you to touch all the items or even lay on them or enter them like in famous Yugoslavian car fićo or Zastava 750.

Seat back in comfortable socialistic armchair and skim Burda magazine. Choose your favorite band or singer and play her/his LP. It’s a rare opportunity to have all of this at one place. Most of the people who lived in 80’s will (maybe) appreciate this museum more. On the other hand, this is a perfect place for young generations to meet, for real, how life looked like only 40 years ago. For some of us that sounds like a far, far, history but still modern and unique.What makes this museum authentic and different is that some of the items were part of someone’s home and/or widely used article and that’s why they have huge value with story behind it. Zagreb 80’s Museum still encourages the citizens to donate.


The museum staff is extremely nice and kind (the photos in this article are here thanks to them). They will tell you the stories you didn’t know before. They will tell you the stories hidden behind each piece of the museum – carpet, sofa, TV, radio… To approach this museum is very easy. It’s located in the very center of Zagreb, few minute walk from Ban Josip Jelačić’s square. All the details about the opening hours and tickets you can find on the museum’s website or Facebook page (that I really like and it’s like an extended part of the museum’s permanent exhibition).


Museum stuff will make you feel more than welcome. And when you finish your travel back in time to 80’s don’t miss to play some of the 80’s board games. Beside board games you will be able to read news from the past. All in all, this more than specific place will wake up a nostalgic person inside you or will give you a small hint how life looked like during era of the 80’s. Welcome (back).

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