Winter ice skating in Chisinau - Top three ice rinks

Vladlena Martus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Could you imagine winter and all of the Christmas festivities without ice rinks? There is no happiness and joy without skating at all, especially during the winter holidays. We, in Moldova, have a lot of skating slides; however, the most visited and popular ones are located in the capital of the country. Every year, since the end of December and until the middle of January, skating spots appear in Chisinau. Let me share with you three ice skating rinks to visit in Chisinau when coming here for the Christmas holidays

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A skating rink inside the Christmas Fair

The skating rink inside the Christmas fair in the center of the city is small but in high demand. It works as a Christmas market itself, daily, however, only until January the 14th. Visitors can skate there anytime and, in any weather, because the skating rink is equipped with a special cooling system. In addition to skating, at the fair, you can buy different Christmas souvenirs, ride on a carousel, have a bite of 'placinta', and drink hot tea or mulled wine.

Where to find it: on the 31st of August street, between Pushkin and Banulescu-Bodoni Streets.

Opening hours: 10:00 - 22:00 

Price: from 50 to 80 leis, which also includes renting the skates (~2,5-4 euros; better in cash)  

Grand pationar rink near the Hotel Cosmos

"Grand Pationar" rink near the Grand Hall Shopping center and the Hotel Cosmos is a magnificent, cozy, and beautiful place to spend a winter day with your family. Comfortable and authentic cafes, incendiary music, a 15-meter Christmas tree, delicious mulled wine, and tasty snacks after the skating will add to your weekends only the best impressions. By the way, you can ask workers of the rink to take photos of you near the splendid New Year tree and the funny photo zone. If you are worried about your skills in skating - stop, no need to! The "Grand Patinoar" workers will teach everyone how to skate. Professional trainers are always available to help you. The rink is huge and can seat up to 100 visitors! 

Where to find: Chisinau, Negruzzi Boulevard, 2/4, near shopping center Grand Hall and the Hotel Cosmos. 

Opening hours: 10:00 - 21:00 

Price: from 49 to 79 leis** which also includes renting the skates (~2,5-4 euros, better in cash). Children under 6 years old and adults from 60 years can skate for free**. 1 lesson with a trainer will cost 200 lei for 45 minutes, 2 lessons - 400 lei, 5 lessons - 600 lei. It is also possible to rent an 'assistant toy' for safe skating. 

Ice Bravo skating rink

"Ice Bravo" skating rink was opened in 2006 and was built using modern technologies. This is the first and only, the oldest and the most crowded indoor ice rink. Also, it is used for training athletes (hockey players and figure skaters), but most often, the rink is open for public skating. The latest refrigeration units maintain the required temperature all year round. With an area of ​​1460 square meters, there is a platform for more than 100 seats. "Ice Bravo" provides comfortable changing rooms, a cafe, and a parking lot. The complex operates every weekend, except for summer. In addition, you can see special performances of famous skaters taking place right here. During the winter holidays, the skating rink can offer discounts. This skating rink is among the three best ones in Chisinau, and it will surely bring you a lot of fun.

Where to find: Mihail Vityazul Street, 14   

Opening hours: 9:30/10:00 - 00:00   

Price: 80 lei which also includes renting skates (~4 euros; better in cash)

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