Wine routes in Moldova: three wineries to visit in autumn

Vladlena Martus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Winemaking has always been one of the most important aspects of Moldavian economics and tourism. Wine routes would make a perfect itinerary for anyone visiting Moldova in autumn. Naturally, there are a lot of wineries in my country that will surely appeal to you. However, the most impressive** ones are the classic local places where you can find out more about Moldova and taste perfect wine while enjoying the magnificent landscapes. Three wineries that are mostly known for the beauty of their surroundings and quality winemaking are Cricova, Milesti Mici, and Château Vartely**. 

Cricova - the incredible underground city

Can you imagine a bright underground city full of tasty food, unbelievable history, and thousands of bottles of high-quality wine? Cricova tunnels are placed under the streets of the city of Cricova, just** 15 kilometers away from Chisinau. Founded in 1952, this wine-making company continues to impress people from all over the world with its incredible** wines and local hospitality to this day. Along with the excursions in the underground city, you will get an excellent opportunity to taste Moldavian food and listen to the remarkable stories about the famous Cricova guests. It's not a joke: once Yuri Gagarin spent 2 days in a row in the underground city of Cricova! He was astounded by the locals' hospitality and couldn't refuse it! Maybe you will be just as amazed as the great cosmonaut, and decide to prolong your stay. The nature that surrounds the winery will boost your "autumn mood" to be even more splendid and calm.

© Wikipedia/Cepaev

The biggest wine cellars of Milestii Mici Winery 

Many people dream about visiting Milestii Mici Winery because it has the biggest wine cellars in the whole world. This Moldavian winery has an enormous underground storage facility and the world's largest wine collection. Milestii Mici is located 20 km away from the capital. The wine cellars maintain the optimal temperature for keeping the wine, around 12 – 14 degrees Celsius. In autumn, all of the beautiful landscapes around this winery are covered with the golden leaves and a special poetic atmosphere. Coming on an excursion here, you can also have a great lunch or dinner with the amazing view, sipping a glass of tasty wine while covered in a cozy blanket. 

© flickr/Dave Proffer
© flickr/Dave Proffer

Château Vartely - cherished winery in Orhei

If you come to Moldova, don't forget to finish your wine tour in Orhei city with its cherished Château Vartely Winery. It is a quite young company, compared with others from the article; however, it has already become one of the symbols of Moldavian wine culture. "Vartely" from the brand name comes from the Hungarian language and means "a place of the fortress". The winery is located on a limestone hill, and fully uses the natural advantages of this location, having the real fortress for its own wine to keep the optimal temperature inside the cellars. As in many other wineries, Château Vartely has its own degustation events after which you can eat delicious dishes in their restaurant or even extend your stay in one of the nearby villas. If you come in autumn, you will be impressed not only by the latest advancements in the process of winemaking but also by the landscapes, that may passively steal the show during your visit!

© Château Vartely
© Château Vartely

Wine routes of Moldova are quite exciting** and fascinating when it comes to visiting wineries and learning about my country. Even though I mention only three wineries, there are a lot more of them in the whole Moldova! I will tell you more about the others later, don't worry. If you happen to come here in autumn, you should definitely visit Cricova, Milestii Mici, and Château Vartely wineries first. The golden leaves of the coming autumn and the tasty wines **may make you not want to leave...

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