Where to try Kazakh nomad snack - baursaks in Almaty

Heewon Jang | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Baursak is* a traditional dish of Kazakh nomads. Baursak symbolizes the sun and happiness since ancient times. In the past, it was given only to the dearest guests. The word seems difficult to pronounce, but baursak is just one of the varieties of traditional bread among Turkic people. Usually, they have a form of a square or a round donut, and they are fried in butter. If you wonder where to try this delicious Kazakh nomad snack, I will suggest you two places in Al[maty.](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/five-places-not-to-be-missed-in-almaty-4fet)*

The name comes from the Kazakh word "baur" which translated into English means "a brother". The history of this dish is associated with a nomadic way of life. In such conditions, the preparation of bread should be quick and easy. Modern baursaks are cooked in a cauldron or a pan. No traditional holiday in Kazakhstan can be imagined without these delicious donuts.

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One of the most common recipes:

To make a dough, one needs milk, sugar, sour cream, yeast and flour, with a pinch of salt. The dough should be soft and elastic. After, you need to leave it in a warm place for half an hour. When it rises, roll it into a one-centimeter thick layer and cut very small circles. Let them rest for 10-15 minutes, and then fry. When it's ready, you can dip it into the honey or jam.  As you can see it's really easy to make it at home but if for some reason you don't want to do it, here are the places where you can try this simple but delicious Kazakh food in Almaty.

Picture © amickman/iStock

1. Chaikhona Tubeteika

The menu of Chaikhona Tubeteika offers a variety of dishes of national cuisine, and most importantly, the most delicious Kazakh desserts. One of the main dishes of this teahouse are hot baursaks. You can eat these delicacies with delicious Kazakh tea. This place is a really good choice because the atmosphere here is really relaxing. Chaikhona means "a tea-house" and tubeteika is a little traditional Kazakh hat. 

2. Restaurant Gakku

Restaurant Gakku is a good combination of old traditions and new trends in cooking. Here, you can try not only good baursaks but also besbarmak, a Kazakh national dish. Be sure that you won't be disappointed going there. 

An interesting fact

For the occasion of celebrating the Mother's Day in 2014 in the Central Park of Culture and Rest named after M. Gorky in Almaty, some 856 kg of baursaks were fried on the gastronomic stands. This achievement was noted in the Guinness Book of Records. 

Baursaks is a good and simple Kazakh snack. Even though you can make it at home in a pan, it's always better to try the real ones made in a cauldron in some of the restaurants in Almaty. By the way, baursaks taste better if you are in a good company!

Picure © Credits to Alman Narmaeva/iStock

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