Where to go shopping in Bratislava

Andrea Kacirova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is the most visited Slovak city. If you are wondering where you should go if you want to shop till you drop, I have a few ideas for you. Whether you want to buy some clothes, hand-made souvenirs or check out the work of local designers, we got you covered. Here are the best places where to go shopping in Bratislava.

Stará tržnica

Stará tržnica is a historic market hall in the city center of Bratislava. Every Saturday, there is a farmers' market where you can buy locally produced fruits, vegetables, honey, marmalade, and other edible products, but also something from local artists and designers. Here, you can find whatever you need - even clothes, wooden toys, and photographs. The space of this market hall is quite big, so anyone who wants to sell something is welcomed. Some days there is a flea market as well.

© iStock/smartin69


Kompot is a Slovak clothing brand famous mainly for T-shirts with ironic, provocative or humorous slogans that refer to Slovak culture, politicians and TV shows. As a foreigner, you might not quite understand the meaning behind every T-shirt, but you can always ask locals to explain it to you. Funny travel stories are guaranteed, indeed. There is a big chance to meet someone in Bratislava ́s streets in Kompot T-shirt as well. Kompot means compote and all the T-shirts you buy come in glass jars resembling traditional compote containers.

© Facebook/Kompot.sk

Artattack Shop

Artattack is a unique shop in Slovakia filled with Slovak souvenirs. Not the cheap souvenirs made overseas that have nothing to do with Slovakia or Bratislava, but products made by local artists and designers. You can find there hand-made accessories, books, postcards, vinyls of local music bands, illustrations and much more. Trust me, once you come in, you can't resist buying a couple of unnecessary things. I would say this store is a must for everyone who visits Bratislava.

© Artattack.sk / author unknown


Slowatch is a concept fashion store, located just next to the mentioned shop Kompot. You can find here many brands, not just from Slovak designers, but also Scandinavian brands, sustainable products or stuff from other small designers. If you are looking for a quality clothes made in Europe and you prefer slow-fashion over big department stores, this is the place to be. Slowatch implies to slow-fashion or slow production in general, but also to local Slovak brands.

© Slowatch.sk / author unknown


Eurovea is the 59.000 m2 shopping mall on the Danube riverside. Both locals and tourists like it because of its central location and wide variety of stores. You can find there pretty much everything from formal dresses and leather shoes to kitchenware. Like in every modern shopping center, there are several banks, mobile phone providers, cafes, restaurants and fast-food chains. This shopping mall is decorated with statues made by English artist Colin Spofforth.

© iStock/paulprescott72

Like in almost every big city, in terms of shopping, there are many tourist traps. The best is to avoid overpriced souvenir shops in the city center and opt for something that is unique and made by our local designers. So, where are the best places to go shopping in Bratislava? There are plenty of options for clothes, art prints, edible souvenirs or hand-made ceramics for example. I hope this story gave you at least an idea of where to head for the best shopping experience

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