Where to find the most delicious dumplings in Tyumen

Natalya Lisovskaya | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Dumplings during the New Year holidays are a tradition, the same as a decorated fir-tree, Father Frost and gifts. If at this time you find yourself in Siberia, then your hosts will not let you go home until you are fed dumplings. It’s like a proposal to share honey and meat with someone in the “Game of Thrones” - to feed the guest with dumplings means that he or she is welcome. Hopefully, the name of the householder will not be Walder Frey. But, even if you find yourself in Siberia in the spring, summer or autumn, you should try real Siberian dumplings. Where to find the most delicious dumplings in Tyumen? I will talk about this in my story.

The history of dumplings

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Dumplings appeared on the tables of the inhabitants of the Urals and Siberia in the 15th century. The dish quickly took root and began to be served at the festive table or as an ordinary meal. Frozen semi-finished products were stored for a long time and quickly prepared. Siberians like dumplings and regularly cook them. Soups are made with them; they are steamed, boiled and fried, served with sour cream, butter and various sauces.

Traditions related to dumplings in Siberia

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A couple of years ago, dumplings were the main dish of the New Year's table for Siberians. Now it has become fashionable to surprise guests with exotic dishes, but the New Year holidays in Siberia can’t do without dumplings

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A few days before the holiday, the whole family gathers at a large table to cook dumplings. Dough and minced meat are prepared in advance. Each has its own area of responsibility - someone roll out the dough, someone cut out circles, someone lay out minced meat on them, someone sculpt dumplings. At work, people exchange family news, discuss the upcoming holiday.

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One of the most common dumplings traditions is the creating of “fortune dumplings”. Instead of the usual stuffing, some other ingredient or even an object, such as a coin or a button, is used to fill the dumpling. Each of these fillings has its own interpretation. So a person who eats dumplings with pepper will meet love. Those who have tasted dumplings with greens will be filled with joy. Even the empty or dough-only dumplings have a meaning - if you get them, you are supposed to find happiness. The lucky ones who find dumplings with sugar will have an easy and successful year. And, a dumpling that hides a coin portends wealth for the person that finds it.

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Siberian dumplings needed to be served only in a large bowl. This meant that the owner was favourably disposed towards the guests and that he wanted the people sitting at the table to stay in his house for as long as possible. If the owner served dumplings to each portioned, this could be regarded as the owner’s desire to say goodbye to the guests as soon as possible.

Delicious dumplings restaurants

Of course, homemade dumplings are very tasty. But if no one invited you to visit, it is better to go to a restaurant. According to the Tyumen Hospitality Association, the best dumplings are prepared in three restaurants in the city

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Restaurant "Chum" offers fish dumplings with pike caviar dressing. For meat-eaters, there are dumplings with the meat of deer, wild boar and roe deer in mushroom sauce. Those who like more sharply are advised to try dumplings with moose and mustard-sour cream sauce.

In the menu of the family restaurant "Maksimych", you will find five types of dumplings. Among them are ordinary fish and meat ones. But only here, you will find dumplings with sauerkraut and bacon, as well as dumplings in a pot with veal liver stewed in sour cream.

Restaurant "Nightingale Grove" treats visitors with classic dumplings made of pork and beef. Fish dumplings are prepared here from northern muksun. If you agree in advance, a master class on cooking real Siberian dumplings with subsequent tasting will hold for you in the "Nightingale Grove".

Now, you know where to find the most delicious dumplings in Tyumen. Try them, replenish your gastronomic experience. And if you decide to attend a master class, you will have something to surprise your friends and relatives.

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