Where mystical meets stunning - Blagaj & Buna River Spring

Ljiljana Krejic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Only 12 km south of Mostar, Herzegovina’s main city, lies a real fairy tale spot. A small town called Blagaj is a place that will leave you in complete awe. Nominated for the UNESCO World Heritage List, Blagaj is an absolute must-see of Bosnia & Herzegovina. This is mainly due to its location at the source of the river Buna and its mystical Dervish monastery.


This 600 years old Sufi monastery, referred to as Tekke or Tekija, is uniquely perched on 200 metres high cliff that hugs the entire area. Constructed in the classical Baroque style with elements of Ottoman and Mediterranean architecture, the Tekke is the only one of its kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The Monastery was built alongside the unbelievably beautiful blue-green river Buna. Source of this river is a splendid karstic spring emerging from a huge cavern beneath a high vertical cliff. It is possibly one of the largest and most beautiful springs in Europe. Stjepan-Grad fortress, that overlooks Blagaj, is a true history lesson of the region, of religions and cultures.


Blagaj will simply overwhelm you with magnificent views from wherever you stand. Simply put, nature has done such an incredible job in Blagaj that everywhere you look is phenomenal.


The region is also known for the diversity of its flora and a number of endemic species. At lower altitudes, there are many evergreen plant and deciduous thicket species, while at higher altitudes in the hills there is sparse forest.


The complex is open to visitors all year round, serving Turkish coffee, tea and other cold drinks in a beautiful garden, overlooking the source of Buna river.


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