Visiting the Abylaikhan glade in Burabay National Park

Nazerke Makhanova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Abylaikhan was the ruler of the Kazakh people at the end of the 1700s. There is a legendary place, showcasing the history of his battles and victories right in the heart of Burabay National Park. Along with learning about his stories, you can circle around the throne of the most powerful ruler of Kazakh people, and visit the Abylaikhan glade, in Burabay National Park in North Kazakhstan. Additionally, there are plenty of other great tourist spots, such as Zhumbaktas and Okzhetpes rocks and, of course, the Chebache lakes if you fancy swimming!

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The Abylaikhan glade 

The Abylaikhan glade is the starting point for entering the zone to Burabay National Park. The whole National Park is an ecologically clean area and is listed under the state's protection. It is quite easy to understand where the Burabay National Park starts when you see the ecological post. There is no entrance fee for foot passengers and cyclists, but tourists with cars will be charged around 200 tenges per person, and the entrance ticket is eligible from the moment you enter till midnight. During your travel, you will be surrounded by forests from both sides; however, the glade of Abylaikhan will show up to you wide open, so that you will definitely not miss it. 

How to get there

By car from Nur-Sultan city, it takes around 2 hours one way. There will be a toll station where you have to pay 200 tenges. Make sure you carry cash to avoid problems. Another way is to take a taxi from the old train station. Many private taxi drivers can take you there. You can find them in the parking spot announcing the name of the destination, "Burabay!". One way with a private taxi driver shall cost between 3000 to 4000 tenges per person. If you want to ride with an official taxi service, then keep in mind that the price will be doubled or even tripled. For your own safety, make sure you share the service with more people- especially if you decide to take a private taxi. You can also buy train tickets, which will cost less than 2000 tenges: getting there takes around 4 hours. More than that, that way you will reach Burabay train station nearby Shuchuchinsk town and from there you can take a local taxi to the Burabay resort area for another 1000-2000 tenges per person. It is recommended to make it by car either way: you can save your time and money. 

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The Golden Era of Abylaikhan

Abylaikhan was the son of the Uali-sultan, the ruler of Kazakh people, and son of Abylai khan-the leach. When Abylaikhan was only 13 years old, his father died during the battle with the Jungars. The servant saved the khan's son and took him away. For many years he was hiding his identity as a boy who herded camels. When Abilmansur turned 20 years old, he returned to his homeland in Burabay with the servant who saved him. There he was taken as a warrior, and he fought bravely in battle, shouting the name of his grandfather Abylai. The Kazakh people recognized him as an heir and crowned him as Khan of Kazakh people. Since then, the name of his grandfather has become his battle cry, and later people called him Abylaikhan. The time of his rule is called the 'Golden Era of Abylaikhan'. He was the ruler who brought together different Kazakh people's groups to fight invaders and save the land. In history, he is known as the greatest politician, ruler, and a person

© Flickr / Daniel A. Byers

Activities around

There is the throne of Abylaikhan placed in the forest where the glade is. There is a belief that if you make seven rounds around his throne and make a wish, it will come true.  There are excursions available around Burabay, including the visit to the Abylaikhan glade. In every corner of the Burabay resort, you can find guides to show you the place. Some hotels offer their official guides, so it is a great opportunity to get information from first hand. There is a restaurant where you can eat, coffee spots and dozens of souvenir shops. It is highly recommended to get one for yourself as a reminder of Kazakhstan. This area is rich with handmade souvenirs made out of wood. You can have a walk, feel healing air, get closer to history, relax, and enjoy the visit to the Abylaikhan glade in Burabay National Park

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