Visit the Bartogay Reservoir on Kazakhstani Valentine's Day

Nazerke Makhanova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The world celebrates February 14 as Valentine's Day, but most countries have their own special holiday dedicated to love. So, the so-called Valentine's Day in Kazakhstan is celebrated on April 15 and is dedicated to the love of Kozy-Korpesh and Bayan Sulu, the famous lovers of Kazakh history. Every year, all couples in Kazakhstan try to find a creative way of spending this day together. Lately, visiting remote parts and taking cool pictures became a trend. And this trend leads all people who are in love to the Bartogay Reservoir. So, do not miss out on this beautiful date of the year in Kazakhstan and visit the Bartogay Reservoir on Kazakhstani Valentine's Day. Even if you visit it on any other day, the place will still impress you.

Bartogay Reservoir

The Bartogay Reservoir was founded in the 1970s and was officially opened in 1985 to be used as a water resource to irrigate 150 thousand hectares of land at the foot of the Ile Alatau. The closest civil area is the Asysaga village, which is 10 km away from the spot. Bartogay Reservoir attracts couples and tourists in general with its construction that makes water flow from the reservoir to the Chilik River. It looks like two tunnels, each with a 3-meter long diameter, and a large amount of water is thrown out under big pressure. To enter the spot, you will need the permission you can receive in the directorate of the Big Almaty Canal

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History of Bartogay

The Bartogay Reservoir has a forest nearby, which translated from the Kazakh language literally means "There is a forest". Before opening this place for the irrigation of local farmers' rural lifestyle, there was a country house placed, where only top officials of the state could enter. Nowadays, it is open for all comers, and on this special day of Kozy-Koresh and Bayan Sulu, one can feel the love vibes around the place, as it will be full of couples having joyful trips or taking photos. They say that this place used to be a sacred land for burial and wedding ceremonies among Saks, which inhabited that area. It is still under a careful observation of scientists to find some facts of their existence, as it is now known that in some places there were runes found left by Saks

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Kozy-Korpesh and Bayan Sulu 

Before you visit the place, it would be good to know the history behind the Kazakh epic about the love of Kozy-Korpesh and Bayan Sulu, who became a symbol of love celebrated on April 15. On this day, many people will find their way to the Bartogay Reservoir, which in all its appearances is a perfect romantic spot. Everyone in Kazakhstan knows the epic about Kazakhstani Romeo and Juliet. A young boy Kozy-Korpesh was in love with a beautiful girl named Bayan Sulu. According to customs of ancient times, the beauty was promised to be married to a warrior named Kodar, who, out of jealousy, killed the beloved of Bayan Sulu. The beauty felt that she can not live happily without Kozy-Korpesha and gave her life with a dagger. It is a story of great love

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What to see

Apart from seeing the rainbows, couples can have a picnic near the river, set a sleeping tent and enjoy the starry night. It is possible to swim in the river in the summertime, but the temperature of the water does not go higher than 12 degrees. So, this water temperature is for the ones who find themselves humble to refresh this way. This area has everything for an amazing trip: forest, river, water reservoir, rainbows, steppes and mountains. Some people even organize rafting in the river. Usually, local tourism agencies and amateur hiker clubs plan a trip here with groups of people offering this kind of exclusive entertainment and will help you prepare for it. At a distance of around 61 km, there is a famous Assy Plateau to the East from Bartogay and to the West, at 62 km, there is a marvelous Charyn Canyon. Depending on your wish, you can choose your next destination around Bartogay. That will definitely be like one great honeymoon trip for couples

How to reach

The Bartogay Reservoir is located 186 km to the East of Almaty city. Tourists of any level can find the way easily by just following the GPS or by joining the groups going there with an organized event. After passing the Chilik River, you will reach the Kopek Pass, from where one shall turn right. After 14-15 km, the asphalt road ends and brings you to the lake, and there you are at the Bartogay Reservoir! If you decide to have a roundtrip only to the reservoir, it shall take around 10 hours, but be ready to spend 2 days if you decide to prolong your trip by including the visits to Charyn Canyon or Assy Plateau

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Kazakh steppes are rich with greenery and different types of natural resources, including herds of horses and sheep, which might meet you on your way to the reservoir. Bring your better half to experience one of the most romantic places by visiting the Bartogay reservoir on Kazakhstani Valentine's Day or any other day! 

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