VINOcom, a wine fair in Zagreb

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Hello, one more time from Zagreb, the city of craft beers, but also one of the main centers for wines in southeastern Europe. This month, Zagreb will be in the center of the attention of all winemakers as the VINOcom fair is approaching, the biggest and the most popular wine fair in Zagreb, but also in Croatia and beyond. It will be the thirteenth year in a row, but the organizers announce a great event despite the unlucky number. 

VINOcom is held in a magnificent five stars most luxury hotel in the whole city - Esplanade. This place is historically famous as it is built in 1925 for Orient Express passengers and is located in the center of the city. In 2004, it was fully renovated and reopened.

For this event, the organizers are preparing six halls, each of them with a specific type of wine. So, it will be the Istanbul hall with the distributors and traders, the Paris hall with the foreign exhibitors, the Venice hall for the domestic exhibitors, the Emerald Ballroom for the homemade wine exhibitors, the Zinfandel for the last year champions, and finally the beautiful Oleander Terrace for food, other drinks, and many presentations. 

Sommelier; Photo © credits: YakobchukOlena

If you are a wine lover and you plan a trip to Zagreb, don’t miss to visit Esplanade hotel on the 23rd and the 24th November. You will meet the winemakers from whole Croatia and be able to try many different wines and to explore wine-making styles in one place. You can even go to many presentations and learn more about the drink of Gods from the biggest experts in that field. Besides wine itself, you can try delicious food, such as pršuta, cheese, famous sausages in Croatia called kulen and many sweets. You can learn about food and wine pairing and how to determine which wine goes well with which type of food. For instance, why we should drink white wine with cheese and ham and olives, and red wine with beef and chocolate desserts.

Wine and food; Photo © credits: freeskyline

My recommendation is to try the autochthonous wine sorts of Croatia, as it is a unique opportunity to see all of them in one place. Prepare your palates for a seductive taste of Malvazija from Istra county. This region gives us also Muškat Momjanski, recognizable for its ideal balance of sweetness and flower aromas. Žlahtina from Krk island will let you fall in love. Also, there is Graševina and Frankovka from Slavonija county and Bo[gdanuša and Pošip from Dalmatia county,](**ss-of-wine-m0sk) and for the end, but not less important, Babić from Primošten.**

After this quick lesson about wines and what to expect at this fair, you are ready to go! Come to Croatia and visit VINOcom wine fair in Zagreb!

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