Vilnius Street - the best hub for nightlife in Vilnius

Monika Grinevičiūtė | Live the World

November 23, 2022

During the day, Vilnius Street, situated in the very center of Vilnius Old Town, is one of the loudest and the most crowded streets of the capital. A variety of restaurants, shops, cafeterias, and gelaterias attracts hundreds of tourists and locals. But when the night comes, this street is becoming the best gathering hub for nightlife adventure seekers. Even though St. Vilnius has plenty of bars and clubs, I will highlight a few of them - the most popular ones, with the crowds waiting in front of the entrance regularly. 

Anna Mesha Butas - the party flat of mysterious Anna 

When it turns to the Anna Mesha Butas club ("butas" means a flat in Lithuanian), I remember a documentary film by Matt Tyrnauer about the famous New York night club Studio 54. Even though the "Anna Mesha Butas" club is a different kind, they also have the main similarity - everyone always wants to get in. The name of the club prompts that you are entering the flat of the mysterious person Anna Mesha. Thus, the interior of the club also looks like a stylish apartment - room with the king-size bed, sofas, and the bathtub in the middle. Also, Anna Mesha usually invites famous Lithuanian and foreign DJs and singers to perform in the club. So, if you are lucky enough to get an invitation to the flat of Anna Mesha - you will surely experience the best clubbing experience in Vilnius

© istock/DA69

Matérialiste - for luxurious nights

Another famous high-class nightclub located in Vilnius Street is Matérialiste. As in Anna Mesha, the tasty cocktails, crowded dance floor, and trendy music are guaranteed. As well as "face control" and some waiting in front of the entry. Despite this, the club attracts people for its glamorous and classy interior, friendly staff, and delightful cocktails. If you ask some locals where is the best place to be on Saturday or Friday night in Vilnius - they will say the Matérialiste nightclub for sure. 

Sanatorija Gin Bar - a paradise of gin & tonic

As Vilnius Street is quite a short road, and all the bars and clubs are squeezed near to each other, it is easy to navigate during the night from one club to another. It's the same with the bars - the two most popular ones are located next to each other - Sanatorija Gin Bar and Bardakas Bar. 

Sanatoria (meaning sanatorium in Lithuanian) is the only bar in Vilnius with such a variety of gins. Thus, it is a paradise for gin & tonic lovers. Sanatorija also stands out from other bars because of its great vintage surroundings and cuisine diversity. This bar is truly a sanatorium of gin lovers - with the bar shelves full of various gin bottles and the best bartenders ready to make you select cocktails.  

© istock/Picnote

Bardakas Bar - a messy place for messy people 

The name of the bar Bardakas means "a mess", so the atmosphere of the bar induces visitors to behave free and express their desires without fear.  Bardakas Bar is one of the few places in Vilnius, which is crowded even on Sundays. Although, on the last day of the weekend, mostly people with their friends and children come there for a late brunch and a morning coffee. But during the night this bar becomes one of the finest bars for the party in town. As Sanatorija, this bar also is proud of its exceptional interior, variety of food and cocktails, and especially of live music. This bar can be super crowded during the weekends, so if you wish to visit it for food or to see the interior, it's better to go during day time. 

© istock/DGLimages

From classy and luxurious clubs to the best bars in town - Vilnius Street is the best hub for nightlife in Vilnius. So, if you are looking for a street in Vilnius center, which during the night resembles the dance floor and serves as a gathering place for various people - Vilnius Street is the place. Tasty cocktails, interesting conversations, and dancing till the first morning sunshine is what you can expect when you come here.

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