Urban art in El Carmen, Valencia

Helena Guerrero Gonzalez | Live the World

November 23, 2022

I always find myself discovering new parts of Va[lencia,](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/free-tours-around-valencia-yns2) which honestly make me think that the city where I live offers its visitors a bit of everything: beaches, mountains, good food, art, and culture. In this story, I'll tell you about a unique neighborhood called “El Carmen,” located in the center of Valencia. El Carmen is so varied that it is sometimes difficult to define since its history has its roots in the conquest of Valencia in the thirteenth century. One could say that "El Carmen," which is full of inspiring recesses and labyrinthine alleys, is a monumental and museum district, but also a nightlife, urban art, and avant-garde spot

Nightlife in this district is always the right choice if you want to have some drinks while sitting on a terrace or enjoying the atmosphere of cool cozy bars. But if you want to enjoy the daytime, I am going to tell you about the perfect activity to do in “El Carmen”: explore its streets, which are full of graffiti and urban art. You’ll find murals and graffiti art of numerous urban artists, who have turned the city of Valencia into a big open-air museum. They decorate the walls of different types of shops or garages all around the area.

© Helena Guerrero

The city of Valencia is one of the "mecca" of urban art. Tourists - artists, amateurs, or curious people from all over the world come to the city to admire the murals on the walls and squares. There are even several graffiti routes created in Valencia to discover the street art that “El Carmen” treasures. Do not miss it; urban art is simply a must-see in Valencia!

© Helena Guerrero

Best spots in El Carmen

Let me tell you about some of my favorite spots in “El Carmen” and my favorite graffiti in the district. To start exploring the area, I totally recommend you to choose Las Torres de Quart. The Torres de Quart (or Quart Towers) are one of the two fortified gates of the medieval wall of Valencia that still remain standing. The set consists of two semi-cylindrical towers joined by a central body where the door itself is opened, in the form of a semi-circular arch. They are located at the crossroads of Guillen de Castro Street with Quart Street. During the sunset, the sunlight comes through the gate, creating the perfect spot for incredible photos. It's the ideal spot to see the beautiful colors of Valencia’s sky. From this point, you can access “El Carmen” and start exploring its impressive streets full of urban art. 

© Istock/VitalyEdush

I honestly believe that following your instincts and exploring a place on your own is a pretty great feeling, and “El Carmen” is one of the perfect places to do so. I encourage you to get lost in these beautiful streets full of art and squares! Find below some of my favorite graffiti in the area, most of which are located on one of the most famous streets called “Calle Baja.

© Helena Guerrero
© Helena Guerrero

Do not miss out on visiting this monumental museum district of "El Carmen." Explore its streets, which are full of graffiti and urban art!

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