Try Kyrgyz cuisine in Bishkek's Ethno-Complex Supara

Gulzat Matisakova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The Ethno-Complex Supara was designed to show the nomadic lifestyle of the Kyrgyz people. The* *interior and exterior design, as well as the food and the hospitality of the restaurant, are supposed to demonstrate the Kyrgyz culture, traditions, and the common way of life. Located in the outskirts of Bishkek, the complex is an excellent place to try local cuisine,** feel the atmosphere of the old times, and have a nice walk in the picturesque area of Bishkek**. 

© Ethno Complex Supara

Hand-crafted design

The entire surface of the Supara Complex is handcrafted. There are seven* yurtas *(traditional round shaped tent-houses), seven artisanal stone houses, and a tapchan (outdoor sitting room). Everything on the territory of the restaurant is carefully selected, handmade from natural material (clay, stone, wood, fur), and has a relation to the Kyrgyz culture. They designed one of the yurtas with cave-style petroglyph paintings and decorated another with traditional wall carpets from the 50s (with warrior weapons, leather paintings, and other decorations). The biggest yurta in the world that can accommodate 230 people is also located on the territory of the complex. 

© Ethno Complex Supara

Plenty of entertainment

Besides dining, you can book a traditional event celebration here,* **like a wedding, or some other holiday. Visitors can also ride a horse, go fishing, play historical games, shoot from an arrow, observe eagles hunting, and have a guided walk through Supara. Also, it is a great place to rest from the city noise and hustle. It is just a half an hour ride from the city center by public transportation, but it fascinates with the difference of landscape. The district of Kok-Jar (the location of Supara) is closer to the mountains, on the hills *where people have their dachas (summer houses). 

© Ethno Complex Supara

Delicious traditional food

The Supara Complex has almost all iconic foods from Kyrgyzstan's traditional cuisine. It includes food that is common in all Central Asia, but also specifically Kyrgyz food, like kazy kartan (traditional sausage from horse meat), shorpo (a type of soup) and beshbarmak (traditional noodles). For people who prefer to eat European cuisine in Kyrgyzstan, there are also foods like pizza, pasta, steaks, and so on. 

Explicitly designed for foreign tourists to get to try Kyrgyz cuisine, the Ethno-Complex Supara might seem overly touristic. Just remember that its authenticity is in the carefully hand-picked design and *gastronomythat surely immerse the visitors into the atmosphere of a 100-year-old Kyrgyz village. This complex is one of the most remarkable restaurants in Bishkek

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