Traditional and alternative Christmas markets in Vilnius

Monika Grinevičiūtė | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Every year, thousands of Lithuanians are keeping their breath while the main Lithuanian Christmas tree is lighting up. With this sign, Vilnius is turning into a charming and joyful Christmas city. And even for the biggest Grinch, it is too hard not to feel the Christmas spirit. Vilnius during this time is becoming a magical Christmas town with the lights in every street, dozens of Christmas trees, ice skating, Christmas train and of course Christmas markets. With a smell of chocolate and gingerbread, it is hard not to visit them, but Vilnius is offering something more than just traditional markets. An alternative and modern Christmas market is taking place in the train station, and, better to stay, in the actual wagons. So, let’s start to celebrate and feel the joy at the traditional and alternative Christmas markets in Vilnius.

Picture © Credits to flavijus

Two traditional Christmas markets

Looking for a traditional smell of waffles, chocolate, and caramelized apples? The main Christmas markets in Vilnius can be found on the Vilnius Cathedral Square, where the main country’s Christmas tree is standing and in the Town Hall of Vilnius. Both markets have much to offer - from food, hot wine and traditional Lithuanian Christmas drink Kisielius (a jelly drink made from cranberries) to the perfect ideas for gifts - handmade soaps, socks, and gloves. And of course, there you can find much more. Every year, the main market on the Vilnius Cathedral Square is getting bigger and bigger, with more international and traditional dishes and gifts ideas. Moreover, Vilnius has another Christmas market as well - the Town Hall Christmas market. Even the distance between the two markets is not big, and the Christmas train is driving around Vilnius Old City and picking up everyone who wants to enjoy the Christmas ride - from the youngest to the oldest. Also, don't forget to take some time and go down the Gediminas Avenue, where at the very end, you will find an incredible ice skating place with traditional Christmas songs and lights.

Picture © Credits to Roman Babakin
Picture © Credits to Roman Babakin

Saint Station, an independent Christmas market in the train station

Looking for something new? Vilnius Train Station is becoming an alive and more and more popular alternative place for various types of events in Vilnius. Saint Station - that's how this alternative and independent Christmas market in the train station is called. Located at the first platform of the train station, an independent Christmas market offers an alternative market with a different perspective: techno music instead of Jingle Bells, food trucks with burgers and burritos instead of hot waffles and an artificial Christmas tree instead of gorgeous main Christmas tree on the Cathedral Square. Want something more interesting? Imagine yourself drinking a hot chocolate beer in the 1970s wagon or enjoying a cheese fondue in the real modern train restaurant. Also, in Saint Station, various concerts, performances for adults and children are held. Thus, there is no doubt that this independent Christmas market in Vilnius has to be on your bucket list.

Picture © Credits to Roman Babakin

It doesn't matter if you are more traditional "Home Alone" and a hot chocolate person or modern adventurer, Vilnius has everything that you like. From a wonderful Christmas tree to the traditional and alternative Christmas markets - fulfill your soul with happiness because** **it is time to celebrate.

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