Torrevieja, a daydream coastal town in Alicante

Helena Guerrero Gonzalez | Live the World

May 29, 2024

The Valencian Community has never stopped impressing me due to its wide range of incredible places, from breathtaking mountain ranges and forests to amazing coastal towns and coves. In this story, I will tell you about Torrevieja, a daydream coastal town located in the south of the province of Alicante

Located  47 kilometres from Alicante, this city has transformed into a first-class tourist centre in the Mediterranean. The origins of this Alicante town date back to the 19th century, when it only had a watchtower, known as the old tower, and a few houses. From the end of that same century, Torrevieja began to grow, becoming one of the most popular destinations on the Mediterranean coast.

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The warmth of the Costa Blanca is one of the main features of Torrevieja, which has a very pleasant climate 365 days a year. More reasons to add to the list of why visiting Torrevieja are the beauty of its natural landscapes and the tranquillity of its beaches. But now let me give you more details about some of the most interesting places in Torrevieja and its surroundings.

Ferris Cove

On each of Torrevieja's beaches, you will find a multitude of activities to enjoy the Mediterranean and its seabed. If you really want to rest and switch your mind off, I recommend visiting and discovering Ferris cove's charm.

Ferris Cove, dotted with palm trees, small dunes, and crystal clear waters, offers the opportunity to enjoy a quiet swim amidst the sounds of the birds and the comings and goings of the sea. It has a length of 200 metres by 20 metres wide. It is an excellent place for diving: you will be amazed by the Posidonia meadows and the number of fish that live in this ecosystem. And it is also an excellent spot for sunset lovers like me!

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Pink lagoons in La Mata-Torrevieja Natural Park

A place you cannot miss when visiting Torrevieja is the La Mata-Torrevieja Natural Park, where its salt mines are located, internationally recognised as being the most productive in Europe, as well as its pink lagoon, a unique natural phenomenon in Spain. During the summer, the algae and bacteria that live in the lagoons multiply and turn the water pink

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The La Mata and Torrevieja lagoons have one of the largest populations of flamingos in Spain, and you can spot them easily from certain places. The pink lagoons make a very good Instagram photo location too!

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I would definitely add Torrevieja to places to visit in the south of the province of Alicante. Local people keep choosing it as a summer destination, and it has become a very trendy coastal town. And if you want to end your trip on a high note, I invite you to taste the gastronomy of Torrevieja, as all its dishes have that Mediterranean essence of the sea and the land. Do not forget to visit the incredible and peaceful Ferris Cove and the unique pink lagoon in La Mata-Torrevieja Natural Park. Enjoy this complete experience and spend a few dream days in this coastal town.

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