Top 5 places in Baku for young tourists

Aydan Isayeva | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Baku is consistently among the most popular destinations for the youth in the world. However, not every place can offer equally attractive conditions for the leisure of tourists under the age of 30. When I choose a spot that is youthful and cool, I think of going to some place where I can be myself. In this article, I will tell about top 5 places in Baku for young tourists, where you will feel positive and young.

Tik-Talk Anti-Cafe

The Tik-Talk anti-cafe is located in the historical centre of the city, on the second floor of the building situated at the intersection of Tolstoy and Rasul Rza streets. Why "anti-cafe"? Unlike traditional cafes, tea and coffee in the anti-cafe are served free of charge. Here you can try delicious tea or coffee, different cookies and sweets, play board games with your friends, work quietly, prepare for your classes or just sit with your favourite book. You only pay for the time spent here. Everything else is completely free. The rules in Tik-Talk Cafe are simple: Do not drink alcohol and do not smoke (smoking is allowed only in special areas).

Concept anti-cafe

Recently, another new place opened in our wonderful city - Concept Anti Cafe. Comfortable sofas, and chairs, pastel colors and bright paintings emphasizing the interior, make this place cosy and even a little bit sweet. Here you will have a great time alone or with your friends. The guests have a large number of board games, including Junga, Risk, Uno, Monopoly, and other games. There is also a private VIP room where you can play PS4 and enjoy karaoke. On the menu of the Concept, you can find a lot of hot and soft drinks, beers, snacks, fast food, and desserts. In addition, you can bring your food to the cafe. The prices are very affordable: 1 hour is 5 manat ( 2.50 Euro).

Yellow Door KITCHEN & BAR

The Yellow Door is waiting for you, if you want to meet with friends or hold a non-standard meeting, relax or make new acquaintances. This is a place with an amazing atmosphere for everyone who knows how to have fun and enjoy life. The menu was created by well-known chief Edward Henschel, specially invited from Sweden. The interior of the Yellow Kitchen is quite interesting. The yellow colour, as expected, prevails over the others, giving a bright accent and bringing a good mood in the gloomy autumn days. If you talk about the menu of the bar, then it's worth starting, perhaps, with the burgers. What distinguishes the burgers of Yellow Door kitchen & bar, from the rest? Firstly, only beef is used for their preparation. Secondly, meat is stored in a special way, and its cooking technique is unique.

If you are as a young person planning a perfect holiday in Azerbaijan, visit those top 5 places in Baku for young tourists, and make your stay as memorable as possible.

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