Top 5 best coffee shops in legendary Amsterdam!

Alara Benlier | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Amsterdam is known for its incredible architecture, nightlife, lovely canals and much more. People are awesome, life is always great in here. There is always so much to do here. When it comes to Amsterdam, another thing which comes to the mind is of course; cannabis. Almost everyone who visited here has a legendary story to tell. Also, everyone always has an excuse to visit Amsterdam. Well, if your excuse is to chill and have an otherworldly experience, here are the top 5 best coffee shops in Amsterdam!

The Bulldog

Located in the famous Red Light district, you can chill in this amazing coffee shop named "The Bulldog". Here is one of the most well-known coffee shop in Amsterdam which has the perfect location. This chain of coffee shops which has spread all around Amsterdam, but if you want to go to the very first one, you should visit the Bulldog No. 90! It is the first coffee shop in the whole city which started selling weed in the 70s. Inside of this shop is covered with amazing murals and graffiti but of course, you can go outside and enjoy your time while gazing at the gorgeous banks of a canal. Also, The Bulldog has everything you need from coffee shops and gift stores, a restaurant, a pub, and a hostel all around in Amsterdam.


Located in a 500-year-old building, Barney's coffee shop is another well-known coffee shop in Amsterdam. Here also won “High Times Cup” awards multiple times! It is a great coffee shop where you can also find breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With its very friendly and dedicated staff of cannabis experts, it one of the best coffee shops in entire Amsterdam.

De Dampkring

Another stop in the coffee shop-crawl is world famous Dampkring! Here is so famous because the crew of the famous movie “Ocean’s 12" spend time in this coffee shop while filming in Amsterdam! If it is your first time or you are an expert on cannabis, everyone is welcome in here. The interior is amazing and there is a lot of space when you compare it to the other coffee shops. If you are not into cannabis but want to keep a company with your friends, you can also have a nice drink in here. Prices are good and the creamy Belgian hot chocolate that they serve is fantastic!

Grey Area

If you are looking for the finest weed in the whole country, Grey Area is a must-visit place. This tiny place is a celebrity hotspot! There is not much place to sit, but the staff who are a team of U.S. born specialized experts are super friendly. You may also end up with a great conversation with Snoop Dogg, Bush, Lou Reed, and many more celebs.

Green House

If you are looking for a great atmosphere an the best weed, Green House should be your first option. Here is the winner of 38 High Times Cannabis Cups and definitely a great hang out place in Amsterdam. Inside of the shop, you will find lots of interesting pictures of celebs that visited here and outside you can admire the gorgeous canals and the Red Light District of Amsterdam. (RIHANNA HANGS OUT IN HERE)

So, if you want to chill in Amsterdam, find your inspiration on itinari now!

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