The window to the knowledge: Hasdeu Public Library in Chisinau

Vladlena Martus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Libraries always had a mission to offer free access to the vast amount of information, being the real windows to the knowledge for exploring the world, but also exploring human nature. Chisinau, like any other capital of the country, has a lot of public libraries. One of them is situated right in front of the Stefan cel Mare monument on the central street of the city. It is the Hasdeu Public Library that provides excellent books for all of both the residents and the visitors

© Municipala "B.P. Hasdeu"

How it all started

To tell you about how it all started, I will begin with the first working day of the Hasdeu Public Library in Chisinau, the 19th of October in 1877. It started with only 8073 volumes, books, and newspapers. Twenty-five years later, and the library has gathered more than 40.000 of the volumes, the amount that's still growing. Volumes were present in Russian, French, German, English languages, and a  small part even in Romanian. The building was named after the talented man of culture Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu,  only after hundred years of its existence.  

© Wikipedia/Biblioteca Municipala "B.P. Hasdeu"

World War II consequences

With the beginning of World War II, the Hasdeu Library was burnt by the enemies. However, in 1944, the authorities reopened the building and named it the "N1 City Library". After 6 years, the library was rebuilt and turned into the cafeteria and restaurant called "Dnestr". It transformed back into the library closer to the end of the 20th century. In the past years, as a consequence of World War II, the Hasdeu Library had only one lecture hall, book rental service, and few other service points. With years and some modernisations, the government has tried to make it more comfortable for a lot of visitors, having enough place for more volumes and new books to be kept in order. 


The Hasdeu Library is a place that has a goal to develop people's knowledge and instil some creative ideas into young minds. There are a lot of exciting events organized by the administration of the library. Once, occasionally, Library decided to make a fun installation dedicated to educating kids. It aims at making the little visitors understand that reading and thinking will make them smarter and stronger.

© Wikipedia/Biblioteca Municipala "B.P. Hasdeu"

From art books to scientific literature 

The Hasdeu Public Library has a lot of different genres. On its shelves, everyone can find a reading material of interest. Edition monographs, fiction, scientific literature, art books, volumes for children, newspapers, and magazines for every taste can be explored. The library has both traditional and electronic space, where you can find more than 1.000.000 volumes and books! Besides, it is a great place to feel the Moldavian spirit because of the enormous amounts of local visitors, the authentic atmosphere, exciting events like meetings with the famous writers, poets, and even movie projections. People who work there will tell you as much as they can about the library itself, about the books and events, so you will be able to visit with ease. Even though there are a lot of other libraries across the city, this one is straightforward to get to, and it's one of the real windows to the knowledge that nurtures the human mind. Don't wander around Chisinau without visiting the Hasdeu Public Library!

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