The ultimate guide to Cologne's coffee shops!

Alara Benlier | Live the World

November 23, 2022

There are lots of great German cities that offer great coffee and Cologne is definitely one of them. In this gothic city, you can find several passionate coffee makers, who serve excellent coffee,  delicious pastry, and cakes! Cologne is a fascinating place with lots of wonderful sightseeing;  if you want to take a break and enjoy a warm cup of coffee, then here is your guide! 

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Established in 1949, the "Schamong roastery" is the oldest roastery in Cologne! This roasting house is located in the same place since its opening and thus kept its original cozy vibe, with its old-fashioned metal and glass coffee containers, and interior. Schamong has also coffee for sale (most of the coffee shops in Cologne also buy it from here), so if you want to enjoy a nice cup of coffee in your house, go ahead and buy some beans while there! You can also watch various freshly brewed coffees or other coffee specialties during the roasting process in its cozy roasting shop. Schamong is a family business that has been roasting the beans for three generations, since 1949. The most important part is, they really care about sustainability. Go ahead and check them out!

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If you want to enjoy some "headspace" while drinking a nice cup of coffee, you should check out the Kaffeesapiens. They have pretty cool seasonally variable coffee blends, some of which are roasted in Cologne by a local roastery, the Schamong. Hence their cool ape logo and their coffee shop name inspired them to name their coffee blends after primates! The beans are roasted in a traditional way in Cologne-Ehrenfeld over a long period of time, which makes the coffee very digestible. So, if you are looking for a coffee which is caffeine-rich but gentle on the stomach, you should check out Kaffeesapiens! 

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Van Dyck was founded as a small coffee roastery by Monika Linden and Martin Keß in the heart of Cologne. Here you can enjoy freshly roasted espresso varieties and filter coffees. Van Dyck roastery currently has two places. The original one is in Ehrenfeld’s busy street, Kornerstrasse. The original shop is very small and narrow, so keep it in mind if you are visiting with a big group of friends. The second location is in the district of Mulheim,  in an old warehouse building. But they both serve incredible espresso-based drinks and filter coffees. All the green coffees that they roast also come from fair trade and organic farming! You should try their famous strong and spicy "Adorno", or the award-winning "Rosso" coffees! If you like fruity undertones, you should try to the "Heimspiel" with a fruity blueberry note! 

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