The ultimate guide for shopping gourmet gifts in Rome

Mara Noveni | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Most tourists who visit Ro[me](, return home with small gifts for relatives and friends: a copy of the Co[losseum ]( the Ba[silica of San Pietro]( in miniature, a statue of an ancient Roman soldier, or worse, a T-shirt with Michelangelo's Pietà **printed. Lovely gifts, but they will inevitably end up in a garage sale or the attic. Alternatively, we can think of small gourmet gifts to buy in Rome**, which will surely be appreciated by those who receive them.

In this story, we will give you some information on shops and workshops that are part of the Roman tradition and that sell exclusive top quality products.

Giuliani's marron glacés

Giuliani is a historic shop-workshop in Rome, which has been located at the same address since 1950. Its founder went to Switzerland to learn all the secrets of chocolate and icing, and on his return, he opened his workshop. Today the activity continues, and the whole family manages the place. Here you can find every delicacy: marron glacés of all kinds, chocolates, fruit jellies, and confectionery, all handcrafted — a joy for the eyes and the palate.

© iStock/sanniely

Moriondo and Gariglio chocolate

This is the story of the two cousins Moriondo and Gariglio, servants of the Royal House of Savoy, who, after the Unification of Italy from Tu[rin, ]( to Rome to found their chocolate workshop. Thus began the history of the confectionery, which soon became famous throughout Rome, so much so that the poet Trilussa also praised its flavors and colors. The shop is cared for in every detail, to recreate the atmosphere of the old tea rooms. It is advisable to sit in the armchairs, relax and savor, the gelèe with fruit, the pistachio chocolates, the mint, the zabaione, the handicraft marrons glacés. You will not be able to avoid taking away with you a beautiful package, which is as precious as a jewel.

© An American in Rome

Volpetti dal 1874: salamis and cheese

Entering Volpetti shop, you remain dazzled by so much goodness: in the windows, they display beautiful salamis, cheese, truffles, caviar, and all the best gastronomic excellences of the Italian tradition. This company has been on the market since 1870. The staff is specialized and expert in advising on the best choice, according to the tastes of the customer. You can get refined gift packages since they are also experts in recommending the best wines. You can also buy kits to prepare Italian specialties, such as pasta amatriciana, pasta carbonara, pasta Alfredo, pasta with cheese and pepper. Those kits include a packet of pasta and sauces prepared with seasoning — you are in the temple of the gourmet gifts.

The coffee at Tazza d'Oro

The coffee at Tazza d'Oro has been defined by many as the most famous Italian espresso in the world. Its intense and aromatic flavor and affordable price bring thousands of people to the Casa del Caffè in Rome, in the Pantheon area, every day: curious, loyal customers, tourists from all over the world. In the coffee shop, it is possible to taste the excellent coffee (also delicious cappuccino and coffee granita) and buy coffee beans, freshly ground, packaged, or in a gift box. The Aroma di Roma coffee liqueur and the chocolate-covered coffee beans are also excellent. Also on sale in the shop are gadgets such as coffee cups, moka coffee pots, etc.

© Antigua Tazzadoro

The food and wine specialties in Eataly

Eataly is an international chain of stores, present in the main capitals, which distributes the best Italian food and wine products. The Eataly store in Rome is located near the metro line B station "Piramide-Ostiense" and is distributed on three floors. It offers the best of the best Italian food products. Inside the shop, there is a market for fruit and vegetables, a bread shop, the butcher's, a fish market, a bakery, a fresh pasta workshop, and a mozzarella workshop. There are also themed restaurants and refreshment areas in the themes of beer, pizza, pasta, meat, fish, piadina, etc. To finish, there are several shops with confectionery specialties, a café, and an ice cream parlor. Distributed on different floors, the sale of food and wine products continues. There you can find everything from spices, preserves, sweets, to an area reserved for the bookshop, and another dedicated to the sale of kitchen products and equipment. If you plan to bring home gourmet gifts, you will get a personalized gift for every loved one coming out of Eataly, which will surely be appreciated.

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The relatives and friends recipients of gifts will thank you for reading this 'guide for buying gourmet gifts in Rome.' The best way to celebrate the return from a holiday in Rome would surely be to organize an Italian dinner for friends and cook some of the gourmet souvenirs you brought with you. Friendship will be strengthened, and your friends,  after tasting the Italian goodies, will definitely desire to book a vacation in Rome. Enjoy your meal!

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