The taste of Trnava: five restaurants you should try

Andrea Kacirova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Trnava is a very modern and fast-growing city in western Slovakia. The gastronomy scene also made tremendous progress. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of it because there is a new cafe, bistro, or restaurant opening daily. It is almost impossible to pick the best restaurant because many are worth visiting. I tried to squeeze the list and mention five you should definitely give a try. The taste of Trnava is just like the city itself - modern and traditional, local and foreign but always excellent.


Akademia is not a fancy sit-down restaurant; it is more of a bistro where you get amazing food and local beer, or wine. The atmosphere is more laid back, but the quality of the food challenges the best restaurants in the whole region. The menu is creative; you can always find something new that you haven't tried yet. Besides the set evening menu, from Monday until Friday, they also offer a lunch menu for very friendly prices. Akademia is part of the family restaurant (and coffee) chain called Trnka. Trnka has a good reputation in Slovakia since the Trnka family runs some of the best places here. Give it a try; it is really a mark of quality!

© Facebook/akademiatrnava


There used to be a significant Jewish community in Trnava, so you can spot the Jewish heritage everywhere you look. Right next to the synagogue, in the building of a former Jewish school, is the Forhaus restaurant. You can sit down for a coffee and dessert in a smaller seating area, or you can enjoy your meal in the restaurant or on the patio with a synagogue view. Owners made sure that the historical heritage and atmosphere of the whole area is visible also in the interior. I don't even have to mention that the food is delicious since everything is prepared mostly with *local* and seasonal products. The restaurant focuses mainly on grilled meat, using* a particular grill with Cuban charcoal,** that gives the meat a unique taste and aroma*.

© Facebook/forhaustrnava

Tučný kocúr

Tučný kocúr is a fast-food restaurant serving mostly burgers. But don't expect the McDonald's-like quality (I have nothing against McDonald's or other similar fast-food chains, which we all secretly love.). Tučný kocúr is simply on a different level. Burgers are top quality with juicy meat, a loaded portion of melted cheddar and a home-made butter bun. The french fries are also heavenly. You can order your french fries with several toppings on them. For example, you can add jalapeno peppers, cilantro, bacon, or onions. Besides burgers, they also have amazing quesadillas, hot-dogs, or the occasional fish and chips, and other fast-food meals. If you are in a hurry to explore Trnava and you are looking for something quick, this is the right spot.

© Facebook/tucnykocur2018

Enak bistro & restaurant

Enak bistro & restaurant is for all the Asian food-lovers out there! The owners of the restaurant are passionate travelers, and they wanted to bring their passion for the food they experienced in Southeastern Asia to Slovakia, to be more precise, to Trnava. They also brought a chef from Vietnam who helped open the restaurant. Even though Slovakia is far from Asia, you can find the authentic Asian cuisine in many places, and one of them is Enak. In Enak, you can try a few meals from Thailand, Vietnam, or Bali. The menu might be short, with only a few dishes but you can be sure, they are all made to perfection. Besides the fantastic taste, you will also be satisfied visually. Food is art itself, and the interior design won't disappoint either.

© Facebook/enakbistro


Patriot is a three-star hotel in Trnava, and a part of it is also a restaurant. We cannot talk about fine dining in this case, but it is definitely the fanciest restaurant from this list. You can find international cuisine here, mainly pasta and fish, but also traditional Slovak food. Since Trnava is a wine region, Patriot also focuses on the local wine scene. They have a wine calendar, that means each month there are 3-4 different local wines served by the glass. If you want to try and learn something new about Slovak wine-making, this is the place to go! The main chef is one of the best in Slovakia and won many awards for his cooking skills, so don't expect anything less than a great gastronomical experience. Of course, they make all the meals fresh from available local ingredients.

© Facebook/restaurantpensionpatriot

Did this story make you hungry? Then come to Trnava and have a taste. I picked the five best restaurants you should definitely give a try, whether you are craving something local, traditional or exotic. In Trnava, the gastronomy scene is growing really fast, so everyone can find what they are looking for.

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