The Taste of Spain in Extremadura - Extregusta

Everyone knows that Spanish food is among the best in the world, but there are few better ways to get a real sense of it than a tasting festival on the leafy green streets of Caceres, in Extremadura. This foodie festival known as Extregusta ('gusta' being the word for 'like') takes place on the last weekend of March.

With about 30 different sellers showing off their most creative and interesting tapas designs, you can taste small pieces of everything delicious, with beer and wine as well. Instead of using cash, you buy tokens in place of euro coins, and everything in the festival costs one token! Fast and easy, you can weave in and out of the crowds, tasting here and drinking there. I was quite lucky that I was with a friend who knew one of the people at a bar there, so didn't pay for drinks all day!

One of my favourite things about street food festivals like this is the connection you can have with the sellers and creators of the food. You can ask questions about the ingredients, and they can show you the passion that makes Spanish food so special. I made some great connections for restaurant visits for the future, some friends from the happy sociable people all around and tasted incredible food!

And of course, it's not just the food festival that you can make the most of in Caceres, with some amazing restaurants just around the corner. I want to highlight one of my favourites for anyone who comes to the festival in the coming year.

Mastropiero - Calle Pizarro - a stunning garden and beautifully presented food

The huge garden is a modern and stylish oasis in a typically historical city, with a towering palm tree at its centre. Food here is still pretty reasonable, but presented in a fine-dining style. Most of the dishes are takes on well known and loved Spanish classics. Evenings here are my favourite time, as the soft lighting really comes alive, the gentle buzz of conversation is the perfect backdrop and there is even a multi-lingual speaking evening one night a week (photo provided by Mastropiero Restaurant).

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