The only pedestrian street in Chisinau

Vladlena Martus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Chisinau, being the capital of Moldova and the biggest city of the country, had no pedestrian street at all until the year 2013 when, in the center of the city, a small Diordita Street was proclaimed as such. Nowadays, this street can be proud to be the witness of the great events in the life of our residents: first kisses, best birthday celebrations, strong friendships, loud laughs, and even the most romantic proposals. It is wide and cozy; however, it is often spoiled by the inattentive drivers who consider this street to be the parking line. Our authorities, of course, try to ban them and teach to follow the rules of a “pedestrian zone”, because the beauty of the street depends on the local’s attitude. Nowadays, it commonly called Diordita Street, but it is officially named after the famous music composer – Eugen Doga. Thus, hurry up to visit this street and make splendid photos near the Monument of the Lovers

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Alexander Diordita Street

Diordita is a small street that stretches from the Cathedral Park to Cosmonauts Avenue. Being a member of a peasant family, Alexander was a primary school teacher. After some time, he entered the Leningrad Financial Academy and then had a huge climb up on the career ladder. During 1946-1955, Diordita was the Minister of Finance of the Moldavian USSR. From 1958 to 1970 he was a Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Moldavian USSR. His career has ended in the chair of the First Deputy of the USSR State Committee for Prices. Why was the street named after Alexander Diordita? Probably, because the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova is located at the end of the street and the National Bank is approximately nearby.

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The faith of the street 

Until 1991, the street was considered as a part of the huge Youth Avenue, former “Central Ray”. One of the most famous Chisinau architect, Schiusev, wanted to connect Central District with Ryshkanovka and make it a part of the capital with the help of Diordita Street. The “Central Ray”, proposed by the architect, spoiled the whole plan of the old-planned Chisinau, so the current pedestrian street has been left as it was. However, it's faith always attracted the attention of the locals and guests of the city. Even on the plans and maps of Chisinau at the beginning of the 20th century, this street is the complete part of the streets' network of the capital. It was named all “Pavlovskaya”, “Saint Apostol Peter and Pavel”, “Lascar Catargiu”, and “Petru Rares”. Nowadays, even commonly named and called as Diordita Street, it is officially called by the name of the famous Moldavian music composerEugen Doga. So, be attentive when asking locals about this street: name any two variants, just in case. 

Entertainment spot of Chisinau 

In the former times, Eugen Doga Street was not so comfortable to serve as a part of the huge road, that is why it was decided to make it the entertainment one – to be a good spot in order to spend a nice evening right in the heart of the city. This street is so small that you can see its other end from its beginning. Nowadays, it hosts residential buildings, banks, libraries, bars, cafes, restaurants, and pastry shops. If you want to feel like a part of the atmosphere of the relaxing city – go there without any doubt. It is also interesting that you can freely meet interesting people, have some new acquaintances and be a witness to the best proposals! I’m not kidding. After many occasions of the marriage proposals, there was even installed the monument of lovers, that, if touched, will bring you luck and success in love. 


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