The most beautiful waterfalls in Georgia (Part 2)

Anano Chikhradze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

As I promised in my previous article, I am going to continue the list of the most beautiful waterfalls in Georgia. My country is divided into the regions, and each region has its own beauty. So, let’s continue to travel to unbelievably beautiful parts of Georgia and explore its** **most beautiful waterfalls.

Gveleti Waterfall

The first* waterfall that I am going to tell you about is the Gveleti Waterfall**. It is located in the Kazbegi Region. You have to pass the village Gveleti, next to the Dariali Gorge,* in order to reach the waterfall. After this village, you can use a narrow trail to continue your way. You will see nice places for picnicking around the Gveleti Waterfall and of course the breathtaking views of the Caucasus.

Samcvera Waterfall

The Samcvera Waterfall is located near the Zestaponi Region, in the village Sazano. This 15-meter-high waterfall** creates very beautiful sight. You can swim and cool down there, especially during summertime. On top of that, this place is good for picnics to have fun with your loved ones. The Samcvera Waterfall **attracts many tourists. If you visit it, you might feel that you are alone with nature, far away from the noisy world.

Shdugra Waterfall

The Shdugra Waterfall makes the Svaneti Region even more beautiful. It is one of the biggest waterfalls in** Georgia. A beautiful path will take you to the Shdugra Waterfall**. You will enjoy very much while walking on this trail until you reach the waterfall, as there is a beautiful field with nice flowers and trees. Most of the visitors say that they feel themselves like in a heaven while visiting this place.

Gurgeniani Waterfall

It’s time to move to our famous Kakheti Region, about which I have already written several articles. The Gurgeniani Waterfall is located in Kakheti, near the city of Lagodekhi. There is a village with the same name - Gurgeniani, and this waterfall is just 5 kilometers far from there. It is around 40-meter-high. The visitors can reach the top of the waterfall as well. A path around the** **waterfall is on the river, and that is why it's better to wear waterproof shoes while visiting this place.

Kadagidze Waterfall

You can find this 4-meter-high waterfall in the Imereti Region, near the small town of Terjola. It is also possible to see a cave in the summer when the level of water decreases. This place is also interesting thanks to the fact that the archaeologists have explored a footprint of a dinosaur or some kind of strange prehistoric animal here. The age of this footprint is around 65-70 million years old, and it is the only one in the whole of Eurasia.

Now you know more about the most beautiful waterfalls in Georgia. However, if you want to have the real experience, you have to explore their beauty and secrets by yourself. I would suggest you to choose the spring or summer season for this trip and enjoy the breathtaking views.

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