The journey to get the coffee with the most amazing view in Cluj-Napoca

Eva Poteaca | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Travelling is amazing, but let’s face this: a journey can be exhausting sometimes. And all you need to go on is to* *get a coffee. And let’s not forget that the center of any city is almost on everybody’s checklist. If you’ll find yourself in the center of Cluj-Napoca and you could use a break, I can lead you on the way to the coffee with the most amazing view in Cluj-Napoca.

One more shortstop?

From the city center, you will have to go on the Iuliu Maniu Street and take some steps on the “Mirror Street". If it’s not on the bucket list for visiting Cluj-Napoca, just add it now! The west side of the street, between the Central Square and the Babeș Bolyai Street, was built symmetrically, with two almost symmetrical palaces, dating from the 19th century. These are two of the cities most elegant buildings and built in an eclectic style. The picturesque buildings used to serve as lawyers offices, that’s why the street also received the surname “Devil Street”.

Ready to be amazed?

Photos credit to Enigma Cafe-Bistro

And finally no more stops, just the coffee you were waiting for! Time will stop, as not only will you enjoy your break, you will also be amazed by the design of this bar. Enigma Cafe-Bistro is the first kinetic steampunk bar in the world, designed by the Romanian artists Alexandru Tohotan and Zoltan Zelenyak. And why will the time stop? Dare to go in, as a humanoid robot with a plasma lamp cranium bicycles by the door. Going in, you will see an amazing moving steampunk clock. Metallic flowers opening up on the ceiling, rotating wheels, closely designed steampunk details are part of the interior atmosphere.

I will ask you once more: why will time stop? Because of the amazing details but also because you can see The 6th Sense Interiors designers concept: "We all have to admit that we’ve all thought at least once in our lifetime about going back or forward in time. Whether what we ever wanted to do was to change something or simply to give way to an impulse of sheer curiosity, the notion of time is one of the most tempting there is and it affects all of us in a most personal way. This is why in our new design story, Enigma-The Machine, we are taking time to a very personal level ... We are time! This is the story of Enigma. A story that took almost two years to create, being unique in the world for introducing kinetic elements into a location designed for the general public. Every detail has its own story which fits perfectly into our version of yet another brief history of time..."

Photos credit to Enigma Cafe-Bistro

Photos credit to Enigma Cafe-Bistro

Hungry and eager to try some Romanian dishes?

If your coffee break prologues and you get hungry, you can taste some Romanian specialties. The menu includes traditional dishes like tochitură moldovenească (a traditional stew), mămăliguță cu brânză și smantână (polenta with cheese and sour cream) or ciolan de porc cu spumă de hrean (porc meat with horseradish). One should also try some mujdei de usturoi, a strong garlic dip we are eating to chase vampires away. Just kidding... it just tastes great!

Taking the journey to get the coffee with the most amazing view in Cluj-Napoca, will give you the energy to continue your amazing voyage walking the streets of the old center.

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