The heaven of cakes and bread - Sucré Bakery House in Biržai

Monika Grinevičiūtė | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Imagine a place full of smells of childhood, cozy talks during the gloomy autumn evenings, accompanied by a delightful cake and the warm cranberry tea. The heaven of cakes and bread in Biržai - the Sucré Bakery House, is full of mouthwatering delicacies, gourmet cookies, freshly baked traditional bread and the coziest atmosphere in whole Biržai town. Even though Biržai from the tourist's eyes can be seen as a far-away place (near the Latvian border), this town should certainly not be brushed off as just another stopover destination on the way to Riga. Biržai Region is rich in beer-making traditions, landscapes dotted with sinkholes, the historical castle secrets and one of the oldest baking customs in whole Lithuania

© UAB Biržų duona

The house for traditional bread 

The Sucré Bakery House is homey, boutique type of bakery belonging to "Biržų Duona" chain, for the first time opened in Biržai. The bakery "Biržų Duona" is one of the oldest bakeries in Lithuania - making traditional bread from 1953. This place is very nostalgic and valuable for me as I have grown up in the Biržai Region with this bakery's bread on my family's table every day. For all Lithuanians, bread is a valuable and essential part of their daily meals.

© UAB Biržų Duona

As the generations and owners of "Biržų Duona" bakery have changed, the bakery's products are spread across the whole Lithuania nowadays. "Biržų Duona" bakes more than 100 various types of products - white and traditional black bread, different conventional and modern cakes (honey, Napoleon, carrots'), as well as many more unique baked goods. Moreover, this bakery is exceptional for its decade-old traditional bread leaven

© UAB Biržų duona

The heaven of cakes 

The Sucré Bakery House in Biržai is like a cherry on top of your visit to this region. Together with the stylish interior and the aroma of the freshly baked pastries, this bakery reminds me of a cozy little French-style patisserie. Local people in Biržai love this spot for the best bread in town and a variety of always fresh cakes. People are stopping by this heaven of bread and cakes on their way to work or during the lunch break, making the bakery always full of people, laugh, and love. There's a reason why it is said that happiness is a piece of cake. This lovely bakery also offers many types of coffee, smoothies, fresh juice, and milkshakes varieties. Tasting the traditional bread identical to the one baked in the old grandma's oven, and all the different cakes will possibly be your best food experience in Biržai

© UAB Biržų duona

Heaven for cakes' lovers and traditions explorers, the house for unique Lithuanian bread, the Sucré Bakery House is a boutique type bakery situated in Biržai. No matter you are looking for a cup of coffee or the loaf of bread, this place will warm you with its homey surroundings and tasty goods. 

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