The city of hikers: Tübingen!

Alara Benlier | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Tübingen is a university city in the lovely Baden-Württemberg region in Germany! Just 30 km away from Stuttgart, Tübingen's history dates back to 1078 A.D. and it is one of the best-preserved cities in Germany. The city is located right next to gorgeous Neckar river, which makes it not only perfect for a barbecue and a beer on summer but also punt boat race! The punt boat race is a tradition in Tübingen which more than 40 punting boats race along the river, trying not to come in last because if they do, they have to drink half a liter of sun-warmed cod-liver oil! What nightmares are made of, right? And the best part is, you can have daily trips to cities like gorgeous Heidelberg or Freiburg!

You can reach this cute city from Stuttgart airport, or simply by a train within Europe. To explore Tübingen, the best way to do it is by bicycle but I have to say, here is quite hilly! If you don't have the stamina you can use the extensive bus system. So if you want to check out Tübingen, here is your guide!

First thing first, you have to check out the Hohenzollern castle! The Hohenzollern castle looks like it is out of a fairytale! This gorgeous castles history dates back to 11th Century. Germany is famous for its beautiful castles, but Hohenzollern Castle stands out with its size. The privately owned castle by the Prussian line and the Swabian Royal House of the Hohenzollern, was the ancestral home of the Hohenzollern dynasty, ruling Prussia from Middle Ages until the end of WWI. Swabian counts and princes, the kings of Prussia and even the German emperors stayed and ruled Germany from this gorgeous castle. The design of Hohenzollern was based on the chateaus of the Loire Valley in France. Surrounded by the magical Black Forest, this otherworldly castle is waiting for you to explore!

The Schloss (aka castle) of Tübingen is the best place to spend time and wander around! To have the best view you have to check out the side of the courtyard since it has a beautiful garden with a breathtaking view! The center courtyard is also nice but if you want to check out the medieval and beautiful part of the Schloss if you take the tunnel on the backside of the main courtyard that will take you through the backside of the castle. And also, you can take the path from the back of the castle through the woods to end up in the beautiful Marktplatz!

The Kunsthalle Tübingen is an internationally renowned exhibition venue for contemporary art which has the classic modern period and of postwar art! It is the best place to go if you are into modern and contemporary art.

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