The best Waffle in Barcelona

Kai Bonsaksen | Live the World

November 23, 2022

''The best'' or ''El mejor'' is used on so many things and are mostly overrated. You hear someone say «that’s the best thing I’ve ever seen». It’s used when it’s not really the best. Then the term is ruined and not believed in anymore. My task is to preserve the term, when I use it here I really mean the best Waffle in Barcelona. When you look for a Waffle there are 3 essential components. Sweetness, mellowness, and freshness. This place has all of these as a high priority. Never will they serve you an unsweet, unmellow, and unfresh waffle. They call that the definition of cruelty. For an inspiring Barcelona article, check out ''An inspiring view of Barcelona''.

The randomness of this place

You wouldn't really expect a random place like this to have the best version of the best food in the world. It's like in How I met your mother when Marshall tries to find the best burger in town and it is a very random uncommercialized place with unwelcoming personnel and atmosphere but the burger is the best in New York.

The tourist vs the local

The Belgian waffle with chocolate and cream on is a hit in Spain and Catalunia. That’s because it is an awesome invention and not hard to make good. At the harbour close to the Paral-lel street, there’s a stand that says ''Hot-dogs''. They have hot-dogs too at this stand. Hot dogs and waffles. Because the waffles here is the best in the world, I never even tried the hot-dogs. I couldn’t resist the waffles. Even when I wanted salty I chose sweet. My friends couldn't resist either. A tourist who doesn’t know the magic of the waffles at this place is the one who buys the hot-dogs at this place.

The wise man

The wise man buys the waffles. They have two stands close to each other. Both are the best in Barcelona. Same quality. I tried to get the recipe from them but it is so holy that they can’t give it away. Everytime I go I feel like I need the secret ingredient but they wont tell me. They call me the ''recipe guy''. Or ''Chico receta''. Which is ironic since I don’t know the recipe!

Your goal from now on

When you are in Barcelona, this is your main mission. Get your hands on those waffles! The best waffles in Barcelona. If you somehow find the recipe, let me know. Another useful info, Gofre is Spanish for Waffle. Hasta luego!

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