The best things to do in Lloret de Mar

Helena Guerrero Gonzalez | Live the World

May 29, 2024

Lloret de Mar is a town on the Costa Brava, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It is an important tourist destination, especially in the summer, when many foreigners visit its beaches to enjoy the sun and the sea. But the beauty of its impressive architecture, its crystal clear beaches and coves, and its gastronomy make Lloret the Mar an ideal summer destination for many Spanish people and many locals. It is located near Girona and Barcelona, about 40 and 75 kilometres respectively, so if you are coming from far away, you can fly to one of these two cities. Once there, you can hire a car or take public transport to Lloret de Mar. And here are the best things to do in Lloret de Mar.

Beyond the clichés of sun and beach for foreigners, Lloret de Mar has a very varied tourist offer. There are plenty of beaches, history and culture, architecture and beautiful nature in the surrounding area, perfect for hiking. Besides, there is also a wide variety of incredible towns and sights to explore nearby, such as the impressive and unique Montserrat. This experience is an option worth considering, as you can explore beautiful Montserrat and discover the myths and legends surrounding the historic mountaintop monastery on this day trip from Lloret de Mar.

Ronda Paths, and LLoret’s beaches and coves

There is no better way to explore the coast of this town than along its coastal paths, Camino de Ronda. These paths were ancient means of communication and defence of the coastal towns, and nowadays, they are promenades that offer us beautiful images of the Mediterranean Sea. This is a must activity to include in your visit.


You will reach many beaches and coves walking along the Camins de Ronda, which are a must-see in Lloret de Mar. You cannot travel to the Costa Brava and miss enjoying the views over these idyllic little coves. Though if you are not keen on hiking, there are more options to enjoy these stunning coves and views. You can get on a beautiful catamaran and enjoy a unique trip along the Costa Brava with your friends and family. This also includes swimming in crystal clear waters, sunbathing on the boat and enjoying a delicious barbecue. An experience that I fully recommend!

Another experience that includes the water, which I totally recommend if you fancy exploring the underwater world, would be this scuba diving activity. You will experience what it feels like to breathe underwater and begin your journey to becoming an expert diver with an introduction to scuba diving in the waters of the Costa Brava, which sounds amazing.

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The most central beach in Lloret is Playa Grande. It is located next to the centre of the town and is, therefore, one of the most frequented. On its left side is a small cove called Sa Caleta, under the castle, a private house shaped like a medieval fortress. This castle has probably become of the main images or symbols of Lloret the Mar, and to many people's surprise, it was built recently, around 1940.

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Santa Clotilde Gardens

In addition to the beaches and coves, another place to see in Lloret de Mar is the Santa Clotilde Gardens, located between Fenals Beach and Sa Boadella Cove. These gardens are located on an elevated area next to the coast, and the architect who designed them, Rubió i Tudurí, used the slope to create a network of paths and squares with beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea.

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He was inspired by Italian Romantic gardens, seeking a symbiosis between classical art and symmetry, and the result was a breathtaking garden with incredible views. The Sirens' Staircase is probably the most representative place in these gardens.

Sant Romà Church

This historic building, a landmark for tourism in Lloret de Mar, was built between 1509 and 1522 and is one of the most outstanding places of interest to visit in Lloret de Mar. It is one of the most important examples of the Catalan Gothic style, with a very interesting façade and dome that are very different from the traditional churches we usually find in other towns. The church is a jewel of modern art with a nave of small proportions but which stands out for its magnificent vault. 


In sum, Lloret the Mar is one of the towns on Costa Brava which deserves a visit and exploration of its best things to do. It is an ideal summer destination due to its crystal clear watershistory and culture, impressive architecture and the beautiful nature of the surrounding area.

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