The best relaxation in Baku: "hamams"

Aydan Isayeva | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Hamam culture has a special place in the history of Azerbaijan. Hamam is both hygienic, purity and at the same time is the best relaxation place in Baku. In the past, nine neighborhoods of Icherisheher had their own baths, but now only two of them work as hamam. It is no doubt true that Baku baths were different not only for architectural elements, but also for other features. Caravans coming to the city with the "Silk Road" were sent directly to the hamam. They were only allowed to enter the city after their purification in hamams. Now, if you are interested in this magical place here we go! Let us see the best hamams in Baku where you will get rid of stress and tiredness.

Aga Mikayil Bath House

Agha Mikayil bath, is one of the oldest baths in Baku also known as "Mashadi Ibad" bathhouse. The hamam is located in Inner City, in Kichik Qala Street. The bath is open to women on Mondays and Fridays, and to men the rest of the week.There are 3 shower cabins in the hamam, private baths room, jacuzzi, dry and wet sauna, dressing rooms. There is also a massage service in the bath. Various grasses and ordinary tea bags are served for the customers to combat fatigue..


The Tazabay bath, which was built in central Baku in 1886, is also is one of the best places for relaxation . The bath was fully restored in 2003. The high-level restoration did not destroy the ancient design and appearance of the building. Luxurious , comfortable conditions have been created in the Taze Bey hamam .The entrance to the bathhouse is decorated with a five-pointed star, a statue of the historical monument. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Italians, Indians, as well as Azerbaijan monuments welcome visitors in the entrance to the bath. The tradition of decorating walls with various objects, antiques, paintings, portraits, ornaments has been preserved in the bathroom.

Fantasia Hamam

Fantasia Hamam located at the intersection of Fuzuli and Safarli streets in Baku,not far from the Fountain Square. İt was built in 1880 and is one of the first baths in Azerbaijan. It consists of private rooms with no communal wash area, which provides privacy. This wonderful place is the first European-style bathhouse located in Baku. The Fantasia Hamam is not only a historic bathhouse but also it has a Tea Room where you can relax with friends and enjoy a cup of black or herbal tea.The "Fantasia" bath is distinguished by its beauty, comfort, elegance,and fantasy.

Gasım Bey Hamam

The famous millionaire, Gasim Bey, built the Gasim Bey Hamam in 1878 and the bath is named after him. The Gasim Bey Hamam celebrated its 140's birthday in March 2018. The bath is in the list of historical and cultural monuments protected by the state in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is considered as the second most famous bath in Baku.During the renovation, owner of the bath tried to keep a few things from the day they were in the past. For example, furniture and paintings that currently remain in the bath.

Nowadays, there are many hamams and SPA centres in Baku, but I mention the best historical and must visit hamams where you will have the best relaxation in your life.

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