The best known blonde of Vienna – Ottakringer

Ogi Savic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Vienna is the city known for many things: the beautiful blue Danube, the lush green Vienna forest, the sound of Mozart and Strauss music, the taste of Vienna schnitzel. It is known for its people, such as beautiful dark-haired Hedy Lamarr, the actress with a brilliant mind. However, this text will be dedicated to the best-known blonde of Vienna. I am talking about the famous Viennese beer Ottakringer.

The brewery with the history

The name of the beer came from the Ottakring, the 16th Vienna District, where the brewery is located. This predominantly working-class district has kept some of its industry, such as Manner, known for its pink wafer and the biggest Vienna brewery Ottakringer. How important role the Ottakringer beer plays in the life of Viennese shows in the special expression that they use for the canned beer, 16er-Blech (16-plate), where number 16 represents the number of the Ottakring district.

The Brewery in Ottakring was opened in 1837. Like many businesses in the city, it has a grim side of its history. Even before Austria’s annexation by Nazi Germany, the owner was forced to sell his business for a rather low price, because of his Jewish background. This injustice was partially corrected when his heirs were compensated. However, there is also the positive side of its history. Brewery Ottakringer was responsible for the demolition of the “beer cartel”. Since 1907, the beer market in Austria was strictly regulated by "Protective Association of Alpine Breweries”. For the restaurants, it was possible to buy beer only from the designated brewery from the area. The cartel ceased to exist in 1977 when the Brewery Ottakringer left this circle. Since then, it was up to restaurants to choose their own suppliers.    

The beer: light, dark, red, you name it!

For more than 180 years, beer has been brewed in Ottakring under the Beer Purity Law. This law prescribes the process of brewing that guarantees the quality of the beer. The Ottakringer Brewery draws the brewing water from its own 118-meter-deep artesian well. The well water is used for the whole brewing process, even for bottling and cleaning. There are many different types of beer: light, dark, red, non-filtered, and even the alcohol-free. The newest addition to the product line is the production of the small quantities of nowadays very popular craft beers.

© Wikipedia / Ottakringer Brauerei

The brewery as the part of everyday life

Like every other brewery that cares for its image, Ottakringer offers the possibility for the visitors to attend the behind-the-scene guided tours. The typical tour takes about an hour and introduces its visitors to the individual steps of the brewing process. Here you can find out more about the history, interesting facts and curiosities of the brewery. Of course, the tour ends with the tasting of different beers. There is also an informative and memorable guided tour, which introduces you to the world of craft beers.

The Ottakringer Brewery has always been known in Vienna as the trendy party and event location. Numerous private and public events are organized here, due to the unique premises and perfect conditions for events.  

© Wikipedia / Ottakringer Brauerei

The oldest Vienna Brewery Ottakringer represents the important part of Vienna`s culture and everyday life. That’s why I dare to call it the best known blonde of Vienna.

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