The best beer spots in Yerevan

Lusine Vardanyan | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Xenophon-an ancient Greek philosopher, a historian who was also the student of Socrates, wrote in his book "Anabasis" about a drink he happened to see in Armenia in the 5th century BC. "There were stored wheat, barley, vegetables, and barleywine in the craters (clay pots). In the upper level of vessels with the edges in the wine floated barley, and there was stuck a reed, large and small sizes and who wanted to drink, had to take a reed in his mouth and pull it through the wine. Not mixed with water, the wine was very strong, but for local people, it was a very pleasant drink". This description reminds us of a drink that later was named as beer, becoming very popular worldwide. As in almost all the cities, in Yerevan as well, there are many places where you can try local and international beers, while chilling out with friends or family. Today’s article is to help you to find the best beer spots in Yerevan.

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The Dargett is a relatively new place in the town and is very much liked by almost everyone. It is located in the city center and is Armenia’s first craft brewery. Dargett is almost always full because they serve a good food and excellent beers with different flavors. Among them, there are American, Belgian, Indian, Baltic, Russian, German, Austrian and many other types of beer, including the seasonal brews, cherry or apricot ales, as well as cinders. If you are a beer lover, you are definitely going to like this place.


Beer Academy

The Beer Academy is another popular restaurant-brewery among those who like beer. It also has a central location. Here, you may find a table, both inside and outside, in the open air. You can combine enjoying the great food with fantastic beers. They have their own beer production, and the selection is big. They say it’s the only bio beer in Armenia. The atmosphere in Beer academy is always good, and you will like spending a couple of hours there.



The Karloff Czech Brewery-Restaurant is also an awesome place. It’s well-designed, so while enjoying your beer, you will also enjoy sitting in that restaurant itself. The Karloff is a good place for dinners as well. While sitting in the open air part of the brewer- restaurant, you will also have a nice view of the central streets of Yerevan.


Paulaner Beerhouse

The next spot for nice evenings with a glass of beer is the Paulaner Beerhouse. This Munich beer house has been serving as one of the much-liked beer destinations for years. Usually, it's full, especially when there are interesting football matches.


All the above-mentioned places are among the best beer spots in Yerevan. The good thing is that in all those places, you can taste a locally produced beer.

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