The beloved beer of Barcelona - Estrella Damm

Kai Bonsaksen | Live the World

November 23, 2022

When you are in Barcelona, and sit in a restaurant, and the waiter asks you what to drink, you will benefit by answering Estrella Damm. Estrella Damm is arguably the best latin beer. Estrella is brewed locally here in Barcelona.

The Macedonian version of this is called Skopsko beer!

Estrella is made in 1876 by August Damm. They still use the original and fully natural recipe that August used back then.

Beer "numero uno" in Barcelona

Estrella is the number one beer in Barcelona in terms of taste, power, and quality. The other beers don’t compare to Estrella. San Miguel is a normal and above average beer. Estrella is in the world class and ten times above that. It’s important that you know this. If you don’t know this you will waste your time with all the other beers that will not bring you happiness. It’s like trying to find your hotel by checking out every street versus looking at the map and finding the right hotel straight away. This text is your map. It has the answer. The answer is the Estrella Damm beer.

Catalunya is not Spain = Estrella Damm is not Estrella Galicia

Don't confuse Estrella Damm with Estrella Galicia. These two are not the same. It is not the same brand even. Estrella Galicia is the peasant, while Estrella Damm is the king. It is easy to confuse the two. This is because they stand next to each other in the Supermercado fridge.

Price increases

The price of Estrella should not be bought for more than 1 euro for 0,5L. In a lot of shops, they will say it costs 1.20, and sometimes even 1.30. You can negotiate with this price.

Estrella means star in Spanish and Catalan. That’s why you will see a star on the can.

Estrella Damm Barcelona Beer

The true locals beer

Estrella is the beer that the locals drink. I don't have statistical evidence of what they drink the most in Barcelona, though. What I have is anecdotal evidence about what the locals drink the most. From what I have seen, they are pouring down Estrella Damm for the most part.

The Estrella Damm brewery

One idea to what you can do to show your respect for this beer is to visit the Estrella brewery in Barcelona. Visit the Estrella Damm Brewery and get an English tour! You will have the chance to discover the whole process of creating this beer and at the end, you get to taste the legendary Estrella Damm beers along with other beers of the same production.

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