The 3 most blossoming parks in Chisinau

Vladlena Martus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Parks and reservations are probably the most stunning spots of any city. There we really feel better, because our mind travels far away from the noisy city. In Chisinau, people like to spend time in different parks, especially when the weather becomes warmer and pleasant. Being the capital of Moldova, the Chisinau authorities try to keep our parks in excellent conditions to attract more and more people and to make the city look more beautiful and charming. Thus, if you visit our capital in spring, here is a list of the top three most blossoming parks that should not be missed. The park with the most beautiful roses, the city's biggest park with its three lakes, and the beautiful sakura park - are all spots that we will be virtually visiting today! Let us start!

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The most stunning roses in Chisinau

There is one beautiful park in Chisinau named 'Rose Valley or Valea Trandafirilor Park'; however, the most stunning roses can be found inside a different one! The Dendrarium Park can be proud of its name and looks. It was founded in 1973, and every year it becomes more and more modern and attractive. Our government really strives to take good care of it. Dendrarium is situated in a beautiful area between several pools and little rivers. It has a collection of almost 1000 types of trees and rare species of wood! The park hosts a lot of plants, flowers, and, specifically, a lot of species of roses. We usually call them the 'real treasure' of this park. With its unique landscape and great scientific importance, Dendrarium is taken under the protection of the state as an 'architectural monument.' The entrance fee to the park is - two leis (~0.10 euro) for scholars and students and four leis (~0.20 euro) for adults. You can also join guided excursions with professional guides for 10 (~0.50 euro) or 15 leis (~0.75 euro) depending on the number of participants. Note, in spring, especially in the last months, Dendrarium is the most attractive park of them all. 

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Beautiful sakura in the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is the place where you can enjoy the beautiful lakes but also learn something new about the flora of Moldova. This park is situated between the Gateways of Chisinau and the Botanica District of the city. As you may notice, the best time to visit this Garden is in May, since you can enjoy the blossoming of the Japanese sakura and other beautiful flowers and trees. The Garden was built and founded in 1950, however after 23 years, it was moved to a bigger place for all of the flora to develop further. Throughout the 104 hectares, you can find about 10 000 species and varieties of plants that really grow in the park. The best and most impressive things in the park are the blossoming pink magnolias (end of April) and, of course, the Japanese sakura (early May). They bring elegance to the look of the garden. That is why you need to come here, especially in spring. The entrance fee to the garden starts from 5 lei (about 0.20-0.30 euro). 

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Rose Valley or Valea Trandafirilor Park 

The list of the three most blossoming parks in Chisinau to visit during the spring also includes the Valea Trandafirilor Park or the Rose Valley. It is the garden that also is located in the Botanica District of Chisinau. The park has a huge area of 145 hectares, and, just for you to be amazed - includes 9 hectares of water! There you can visit three lakes, which make the Valea Trandafirilor Park a very romantic place to walk with your other half. It opened in 1968, on a hillside cultivated with roses, beautiful blossoming flowers, and paths around the water. During the spring, Valea Trandafirilor Park is full of residents and guests of the capital. However, it is so big that everyone is more than welcome. Here, besides the beautiful pictures with the charming nature, you can ride boats, visit little cafes and restaurants and even ride the carousels!

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Visit these parks to feel the real spirit of spring in Chisinau! 

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