Tersefanou village- where to find its local delicacies

Anastasia Bartzi | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The weekend is coming, so what would be better than a small excursion to nature, so as to relax, to visit new places and to taste different kind of local delicacies? I'm especially talking about homemade food that brings to mind your childhood... If you find yourself in a need of an excursion, then you definitely have to visit Tersefanou.

Tersefanou, is a village located 14 kilometers away from Larnaca. It is built next to the river Tremitho, that has been one of the most important rivers of the area during centuries.  In fact, it dates back to the 17th century, when the village had only 198 habitants. After going through battles and different conquerors, Tersefenou converted to a landmark for the island, due to the nature and peacefulness it offers. 

Apart from the nature and relaxation that you can find in this beautiful place, you can also find tasty traditional food with a unique modern touch. So, if you find yourself in Tersefanou don’t miss out on visiting the modern and at the same time classic tavern “To Patrikon".

“To Patrikon” is a classic tavern with traditional Cypriot cuisine, delighted though with a modern and  tasty touch. This tavern is famous for its simplicity and the love "added" in every single dish! This business is run by two brothers, Kiriakos and Stavros, who wanted to offer a different taste of the typical and local cuisine. They 've managed to do so, by creating plates completely successful and comparable to those of well-known,  fancy, restaurants.  

The plates that they offer are called "Mezes". Mezes is very typical in Cyprus and in Greece. They are small, various and tasty plates that are served, hot or cold, along with the beverages. The cuisine of ¨Patrikon¨ is dedicated to offering a variety of small traditional plates, served in an alternative way.

They also have a big list of wines of different kinds. Every wine that is on the list matches perfectly the relevant “Mezes”. The menu changes frequently, depending on the local products and their production. By doing so, they try to maintain the authenticity of food and of course of the place itself. The dishes that you should definitely try are the caramelised cauliflower on barbeque with bacon, the meatballs with trahana and the cauliflower with tahini.

The tavern has a cozy style- a little bit of retro- but stays in line with the traditional atmosphere of the village. It makes everyone feel like home, which was one of the things that the owners wanted to achieve- feeling like home even when you're outside of it!  

©Δημιουργική Ταβέρνα "Το Πατρικόν"/ Tavern"To Patrikon" Facebook Page

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