Taste of Poprad: Five restaurants you should give a try

Andrea Kacirova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Poprad is a gateway to the High Tatras, the highest mountain range in Slovakia. So, if you want to visit the High Tatras (and trust me, you do), most likely you will spend some time in Poprad as well. And there is no better way to enjoy Poprad than to taste what local cuisine has to offer. I would like to introduce you five restaurants you should definitely give a try there!


Fabrika restaurant is a “must” in Poprad. You can enjoy top-quality food in a very stylish industrial interior. Every detail is thought through to perfection, and even visiting a restroom becomes an experience. Fabrika brought** a modern approach not just to interiors but also to meals. Chefs** are using techniques like poaching, sous-vide, or steaming. In the evening, you can expect a pub quiz or live music.

Photo © credits to Fabrika Poprad / Richard Geréniy

Fajna Rybka

Fajna Rybka is an Asian restaurant. Yes, It is not quite traditional, but it needs to be on the list because it is definitely one of the best restaurants in Poprad. It specializes in cold cuisine like sushi, but you can find here also different kinds of noodles or rice and curry. It doesn't matter what you order, the plate itself is a piece of art.

Photo © credits to Facebook/fajnarybkapoprad


Hodovňa serves mainly Slovak food, so if you want to try something local, this is the right spot! Sometimes, you can find Asian exceptions on the menu, but they handle any cuisine very well. Hodovňa also supports local breweries, and the beer you find here is a craft beer made exclusively in Slovakia. It is located in the city center of Poprad, so you can have a nice little walk afterwards.

Photo © credits to Facebook/hodovna


This is a great option if you just arrived at Poprad main train station, and you are looking for something nearby. 'You are what you eat' - could be a motto of this place. You can find here raw, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free meals. This restaurant uses only seasonal products from local farmers. Besides that, everything is made with love, and you can enjoy your meal in a very cozy interior.

Photo © credits to Facebook/Lahodnosti

Dobré časy

Last but not least, a restaurant and a brewery Dobré časy, which in our language means 'good times', and it perfectly describes a philosophy of this place. Since it is mainly a brewery, they serve food that goes well with a beer, that means mostly burgers and other meat and cheese variations. Food is delicious and so does the beer. I recommend you to try one of the 16 different taps open daily. In the evening, you can expect a very lively and friendly atmosphere.

Photo © credits to Facebook/dobrecasypoprad

Lots of tourists quickly pass Poprad and head straight to the High Tatras. But Poprad is a very vibrant city with a diverse food scene, not just a gateway to the mountains. To prove that, I picked five restaurants you should give a try and taste.

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