Take the best photos in lavender fields of Cobusa Noua

Vladlena Martus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Lavender fields are quite popular among famous Instagram and Internet bloggers in general. Moldova may not be such a famous tourist destination, but it can be proud of its splendid lavender fields. I am sure that everyone would like to visit* them **while exploring Moldova. Last year, travellers discovered an almost perfect region to take the best photos with the amazing purple lavender - Cobusa Noua in the southeast of Moldova*. Let us find out more about this place and how to get there from Chisinau

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Impressive lavender fields  

Lavender fields very quickly became one of the most popular places throughout the whole Moldova, especially after the first photos from this colourful valley began to spread on social networks. By the way, in Moldova, the first lavender plantations appeared in early 1948 and continue to attract locals and foreigners. Just imagine that 30 years ago almost 5000 hectares of fields were dedicated to this culture in the whole Republic! Unfortunately, today they are nine times smaller. Anyway, Instagrammers from all over Europe come to admire and take photos in the Moldavian lavender. If you are exploring our country in June or July, then you should definitely visit Cobusca Noua. This is the most popular* and impressive** **place to see and enjoy the beautiful lavender. *The entrance will cost about 50 leis (2,5 euros).  

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A secret hack

There are a lot of other lavender fields throughout the whole Republic of Moldova, however, the one in Cobusca Noua is the largest and, actually, the cheapest one! Locals have noticed the popularity of these lavender fields in Moldova and have decided to make some money by letting you visit those perfect photo session places. There is a hint I will share with you (of course, this is a secret hack). You can come from the other side of the field and enter without paying your ticket. I promise you, it works! 

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Lavender Festival, folk music, and gastronomic workshops

As Moldova is very proud of its lavender fields, locals decided to create an awesome festival. This event is definitely appreciated not only by Instagrammers but also everyone who likes to take the best photos in lavender fields of Cobusa Noua, surrounded by the amazing nature. The Lavender Festival usually takes place in the middle of June. The festival aims at presenting Moldova as one of the most unexplored and beautiful Eastern European countries through its essential nature and great landscapes. Its people are open to anyone interested and invite every person to have fun in purple flowers and enjoy different folk music, contests, master-classes and photo sessions. The Lavender Festival also includes gastronomic workshops* **for those who are fond of a healthy lifestyle*. To get to Cobusca Noua, you need to take a bus to Anenii Noi from the Central Bus Station in Chisinau. From there, you can quickly reach Cobusca Noua even on foot. 

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