Sweet crisps with powder, a splendid Moldavian delicacy

Vladlena Martus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Moldavian cuisine is quite specific and valuable part of our national culture. Being a mix of different cuisines, Moldavian food has its own splendid elements. Besides famous placinte and cabbage rolls, we have other different delicacies, that won't leave you indifferent. They are easy-to-make; however, not all of them can be found in every restaurant or cafe in Chisinau. Sometimes you need to go to the market to buy them, or even cook at home, having a list of simple products and an original recipe. Sweet crisps with powder or "hvorost" come from the list of the most delightful and easy-to-make desserts in our national cuisine. Let me tell you more about this interesting dish, and you will probably want to taste it straight away!

© flickr.com/Błażej Pieczyński

Ancient Roman delicacy

Sweet crisps with powder have the Ancient Roman cuisine origin and carry a lot of different names in other languages. The most common one, in the English language, is "angel wings" because of the delicacy's shape. Speaking of its name, "hvorost" is a result of its similarity to brushwood - fallen tree branches, usually used as a fuel or for the construction. Being the dessert of many European cuisines, sweet crisps are also cooked in different ways. However, every time the list of the ingredients is quite simple. This dish is usually served at traditional Moldavian holidays. Also, there is a tradition for the husbands to present those "angel wings" to their wives on Friday the 13th in order to avoid bad luck in relationships.

© flickr.com/Błażej Pieczyński

How to cook "Hvorost" cookies 

To cook "hvorost" cookies, as I mentioned before, you need to have a few simple ingredients: flour, eggs, butter, sour cream or milk, and sugar. In the classic and most "exciting" recipe, we use vodka, rum or brandy, adding them to the dough. Sweet crisps can be prepared in two ways - with regular or liquid dough. During the first method, we knead the dough and, after about 20 minutes, roll out a thin layer. Using a knife or molds of different shapes, we make strips of various sizes. As a result - we fry the strips in boiling oil and then put them on paper to absorb the excess fat. During the second method of cooking "hvorost", we prepare liquid (usually with a large amount of milk) dough and gradually pour it into boiling fat or oil. This gives the dough a specific shape. After frying, the cookies are laid out on a paper towel or a napkin. Delicacy is decorated with raisins and nuts and is often sprinkled with powdered sugar or even cocoa. 

© flickr.com/Błażej Pieczyński

Where to find sweet crisps in Chisinau? 

This splendid Moldavian delicacy is the most popular dessert to be prepared by each granny for her grandchildren. That is why you will surely find these sweet crisps with powder at each true Moldavian holiday. However, if you come to Moldova during the regular days, you will have some issues with finding the "hvorost" in restaurants and cafes. That is why you need to find the Pegas Market (the most convenient is on Pushkin Street, 22) and buy them there. Usually 1 kilogram of the "angel wings" is sold for 160 leis (about 8 euros). Taste them when you come to Moldova, and get a real satisfaction of trying this wonderful dish! 

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